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Vintage Ceiling Fans

Vintage Ceiling Fans

The Gaspar Radial Ceiling Fan



The Gaspar Radial Ceiling Fan combines a modern silhouette with rustic accents and a Roman bronze finish. The shallow bowl, opal etched globe on this five... More 

The Livingston Ceiling Fan

CODE: 17FP8095


Relish the vintage styling of the elegant Livingston Ceiling Fan with its five wood blades and frosted white glass light. Choose from a variety of wood and... More 

The Emerson Ceiling Fan

CODE: 265MB52


Playing to the styles once found on vintage ships, the Emerson carries a nautical aesthetic into any business or home. This appearance comes from the... More 

The Murray Ceiling Fan

CODE: 265DKR52


Elegantly uniting wooden fan blades and opaque glass shades, the Murray exhibits a timeless aesthetic. The rich color of the Walnut/Russet blades gives the... More 

The Perry Mini Ceiling Fan

CODE: 263TF24


The Perry Mini Ceiling Fan fulfills a utilitarian function, but its style isn’t encumbered by this purpose. Instead, its unique profile transforms... More 

Reina Dual Ceiling Fan



Ceiling fans are rarely central to a room’s aesthetic. Most of the time fans are installed for their utilitarian purpose of maintaining a cool,... More 

Loren Oscillating Wall or Ceiling Fan



Mountable to both walls and ceilings, the Loren increases airflow and ventilation in any setting. Constructed from cast aluminum and heavy stamped steel,... More 

The Hyde Mini Ceiling Fan

CODE: 264CO28


Designing and furnishing undersized areas presents one of the biggest challenges of any renovation. Accessories that pack a stylistic punch, but still... More 

The Modi Mini Ceiling Fan

CODE: 264MC20


Low hanging ceilings and tighter areas of your home or business are difficult to properly furnish. It seems impossible to incorporate standard design... More