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Ballast Surge Protectors | BSP3-120 - BSP3-480


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Product Details

Ballast surge protectors are designed to be used with electronic fluorescent and HID ballasts and LED Drivers to provide an additional level of surge and transient protection in industrial and commercial applications. The BSP3 series of surge protectors is a 3-lead device that protects the Line to Ground, Line to Neurtal, and Neutral to Ground. The BSP3 series also meets the Florida DOT spec for outdoor lighting.

Features & Specifications:

  • BSP3-120
    • Clamping Voltage (V): 150
    • Surge Rating (J): 120
    • Used for 120V ballast/drivers
    • UL Listed
  • BSP3-208-240
    • Clamping Voltage (V): 275
    • Surge Rating (J): 190
    • UL Listed
  • BSP3-277
    • Clamping Voltage (V): 320
    • Surge Rating (J): 273
    • Used for 277V ballast/drivers
    • UL Listed
  • BSP3-347
    • Clamping Voltage (V): 420
    • Surge Rating (J): 320
    • Used for 347V ballast/drivers
    • UL Listed
  • BSP3-480
    • Clamping Voltage (V): 550
    • Surge Rating (J): 360
    • Used for 480V ballast/drivers
    • UL Listed


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