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Outdoor Lanterns

Outdoor lanterns are a great way to add beauty and sophistication to your front porch or doorway, and will provide valuable walkway lighting for guests at night. Our variety of styles and finishes will help highlight your home’s style and charm.

  Product Product code Price  
Small Lakehouse Wall Mount in Americana Bronze Lakehouse Wall Mount Lantern

CODE: 12B2300AB

Old Town Barn Lantern, Natural Bronze Old Town Barn Lantern

CODE: 12B9360NB

Small Mission Bell Wall Mount in Centennial Rust Mission Bell Wall Mount

CODE: 12B2361CR

Edison Wall Mount in Americana Bronze Lakehouse Suspended Wall Mount Lantern

CODE: 12B2303AB

Medium The Jupiter Inlet Wall Sconce, Brushed Steel The Jupiter Inlet Wall Sconce

CODE: 30OL2200

Owings Mill Barn Lantern, Natural Bronze Owings Mill Barn Lantern

CODE: 12B9461NB

Portsmouth Barn Lantern, Boston Bronze w/ Rust Accents Portsmouth Barn Lantern

CODE: 12B1871BB

Station Square Barn Lantern, Natural Rust Station Square Barn Lantern

CODE: 12B1411NR

6" Barnstable Carriage Lantern, DB | Dark Brass, Clear Glass Barnstable Carriage Lantern

CODE: 165611

The Craftsman Wall Sconce | Espresso The Craftsman Wall Sconce

CODE: 30OL7600

8" Hyannis Barn Light, Antique Brass | AB Hyannis Barn Light

CODE: 163411

The Everett Post Mount Lantern The Everett Post Mount Lantern

CODE: 12P3575

Aspen Barn Lantern, Natural Bronze Aspen Barn Lantern

CODE: 12B9250NB

Guild Hall Barn Lantern, English Bronze Guild Hall Barn Lantern

CODE: 12B2031EB

Charleston Barn Lantern, Heritage Bronze Charleston Barn Lantern

CODE: 12B9501HB

The Jamestown Contemporary Sconce, Small The Jamestown Contemporary Sconce

CODE: 12B3331

La Grange Barn Lantern, Old Bronze La Grange Barn Lantern


Lucerne Barn Lantern, Statuary Bronze Lucerne Barn Lantern

CODE: 12B9881SBZ

Gables Barn Lantern, Charred Gold Gables Barn Lantern

CODE: 12B9901CG

The Andover Post Mount Lantern, Natural Rust The Andover Post Mount Lantern

CODE: 12P3764

Cottage Grove Barn Lantern, Cottage Bronze Cottage Grove Barn Lantern

CODE: 12B3081CB

8" Marblehead Brass Lantern, Antique Brass | AB, Optic Glass Marblehead Brass Lantern

CODE: 162511

Yarmouth Orb Lantern, Antique Brass | AB,  Optic Glass Yarmouth Orb Lantern

CODE: 162543

The Heirloom Mirrored Candelabra Sconce, Tall The Heirloom Candelabra Sconce

CODE: 12B3420

Scarsdale Barn Lantern, Forged Black Scarsdale Barn Lantern

CODE: 12B9471FBK

Britannia Barn Lantern, English Bronze Britannia Barn Lantern

CODE: 12B1381EB

The Ellsworth Candelabra Sconce The Ellsworth Candelabra Sconce

CODE: 12B2971

The Everett Lantern, Small The Everett Lantern

CODE: 12B3571

10" Chatham Globe Light, Raw Brass | RB, Clear Glass Chatham Globe Light

CODE: 162034G

Small Andover Lantern, Natural Rust The Andover Lantern

CODE: 12B3761

Geneva Barn Lantern, Old Rust Geneva Barn Lantern


The Cape Hatteras Scroll Mount Sconce

CODE: 12B1881HPB

Small Aztec LED Sconce, Country Rust The Aztec LED Sconce

CODE: 12BL3721