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Outdoor Lanterns

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Old Town Barn Lantern, Natural Bronze Old Town Barn Lantern

CODE: 12B9360NB

Small Lakehouse Wall Mount in Americana Bronze Lakehouse Wall Mount Lantern

CODE: 12B2300AB

Edison Wall Mount in Americana Bronze Lakehouse Suspended Wall Mount Lantern

CODE: 12B2303AB

Small Mission Bell Wall Mount in Centennial Rust Mission Bell Wall Mount

CODE: 12B2361CR

Medium The Jupiter Inlet Wall Sconce, Brushed Steel The Jupiter Inlet Wall Sconce

CODE: 30OL2200

Portsmouth Barn Lantern, Boston Bronze w/ Rust Accents Portsmouth Barn Lantern

CODE: 12B1871BB

Owings Mill Barn Lantern, Natural Bronze Owings Mill Barn Lantern

CODE: 12B9461NB

Station Square Barn Lantern, Natural Rust Station Square Barn Lantern

CODE: 12B1411NR

6" Barnstable Carriage Lantern, DB | Dark Brass, Clear Glass Barnstable Carriage Lantern

CODE: 165611

8" Hyannis Barn Light, Antique Brass | AB Hyannis Barn Light

CODE: 163411

The Craftsman Wall Sconce | Espresso The Craftsman Wall Sconce

CODE: 30OL7600

The Jamestown Contemporary Sconce, Small The Jamestown Contemporary Sconce

CODE: 12B3331

Aspen Barn Lantern, Natural Bronze Aspen Barn Lantern

CODE: 12B9250NB

Guild Hall Barn Lantern, English Bronze Guild Hall Barn Lantern

CODE: 12B2031EB

Charleston Barn Lantern, Heritage Bronze Charleston Barn Lantern

CODE: 12B9501HB

La Grange Barn Lantern, Old Bronze La Grange Barn Lantern


The Everett Post Mount Lantern The Everett Post Mount Lantern

CODE: 12P3575

Gables Barn Lantern, Charred Gold Gables Barn Lantern

CODE: 12B9901CG

The Heirloom Mirrored Candelabra Sconce, Tall The Heirloom Candelabra Sconce

CODE: 12B3420

Lucerne Barn Lantern, Statuary Bronze Lucerne Barn Lantern

CODE: 12B9881SBZ

8" Marblehead Brass Lantern, Antique Brass | AB, Optic Glass Marblehead Brass Lantern

CODE: 162511

The Andover Post Mount Lantern, Natural Rust The Andover Post Mount Lantern

CODE: 12P3764

Yarmouth Orb Lantern, Antique Brass | AB,  Optic Glass Yarmouth Orb Lantern

CODE: 162543

Cottage Grove Barn Lantern, Cottage Bronze Cottage Grove Barn Lantern

CODE: 12B3081CB

The Ellsworth Candelabra Sconce The Ellsworth Candelabra Sconce

CODE: 12B2971

Scarsdale Barn Lantern, Forged Black Scarsdale Barn Lantern

CODE: 12B9471FBK

The Everett Lantern, Small The Everett Lantern

CODE: 12B3571

10" Chatham Globe Light, Raw Brass | RB, Clear Glass Chatham Globe Light

CODE: 162034G

Britannia Barn Lantern, English Bronze Britannia Barn Lantern

CODE: 12B1381EB

Small Andover Lantern, Natural Rust The Andover Lantern

CODE: 12B3761

Geneva Barn Lantern, Old Rust Geneva Barn Lantern


The Cape Hatteras Scroll Mount Sconce

CODE: 12B1881HPB

Small Aztec LED Sconce, Country Rust The Aztec LED Sconce

CODE: 12BL3721