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The Chelsea Multi-Light Pendant

CODE: 134293


Industrial minimalism at its finest! The Chelsea Pendant features industrial teardrop pendants fixed to a black silk cord and satin black ballast for a... More 

The Factory Overhead 6 Light Chandelier



Very few products possess a completely distinctive industrial appearance, but the Factory Overhead is one exception. Featuring a patchwork of stems with... More 

The Alma Mater 4-Light Schoolhouse Chandelier



The Alma Mater Schoolhouse Chandelier casts a nostalgic glow with its four schoolhouse shades affixed to arching gooseneck arms in a rugged stem mount... More 

The Sputnik 4 Light Chandelier



Inspired by atomic industrial lighting, The Sputnik shows off space age style with four extended arms affixed with guard and glass fixtures. This American... More 

The Bubble Glass Cluster Pendant

CODE: 134594.01C


Take eclectic lighting to new heights with the Bubble Glass Cluster Pendant! Featuring 19 clear glass globes with a polished chrome finish, this modern... More 

The Bubble Glass Chandelier

CODE: 134595.25C


A twist on retro light fixtures, the Bubble Glass Chandelier channels iconic Sputnik style with multiple glass globes suspended on adjustable rods. Choose... More 

The Apollo 5 Light Chandelier



Add retro inspired kitchen lighting with the Apollo 5-light chandelier! This Atomic Age light fixture is American made and shows off industrial cast guards... More 

The Orbiter 4 Light Chandelier



Those looking for an industrial-style chandelier that doesn't sacrifice style should look no further than the Orbiter 4 Light Chandelier. The glass and... More 

The Alliance 3 Light Chandelier



The Alliance 3-Light Chandelier is full of industrial flair with its sturdy pipe mounting and cast guard and glass fixtures that reflect ample lighting in... More 

The Banker 2 Light Chandelier



Inspired by the vintage lighting of midcentury ships, The Banker 2-Light Chandelier casts ample down light with its double wire guard and glass jar fixtures... More 

The Insider 2 Light Chandelier



The Insider 2-Light Chandelier combines an industrial edge with a hint of nautical flair. Its two rustic, guard-and-glass pendants are fixed to a track... More 

The Von Braun 4 Light Chandelier



The Von Braun 4-light reflector chandelier is the ideal fixture for industrial commercial lighting, or to add atomic barn style to a more modern space. This... More 

The Bubble Half-Mercury Glass 10-Light Pendant

CODE: 134598.01H


Glamorous lighting adds instant character to every room in the house! For mid century glam and some serious sparkle, try the Bubble Half-Mercury Glass... More 

The Saturn-Vega 4 Light Chandelier



Inspired by Mid Century light fixtures, the Saturn-Vega shines brightly with streamline moderne style gooseneck arms and four cast guard and glass fixtures.... More 

The University 4-Light Schoolhouse Chandelier



Crafted by American artisans, the University 4-Light Schoolhouse Chandelier features rugged industrial arms and decorative glass globes customized with your... More 

The Polaris 4 Light Chandelier



This streamline-moderne style chandelier features four cast guard-and-glass fixtures topped with mini warehouse shades all mounted to arching gooseneck... More 

The Aldrin 4 Light Chandelier



A fine example of Space Age-inspired lighting, The Aldrin industrial chandelier casts ample light with its four cast guard and glass fixtures affixed to... More 

The Merger 2 Light Chandelier



The Merger brings together both nautical and retro styling in a stunning 2-light chandelier. Featuring cast guard and glass fixtures topped with mini... More 

The Corporation 2 Light Chandelier



Looking for track lighting with some real style? Check out The Corporation chandelier featuring two cord-hung wire guard and glass fixtures fixed to... More 

The Foundry 4 Light Chandelier



The Foundry presents a very industrial vibe with a hint of nautical style thrown in for good measure. This rustic chandelier features four cast guard and... More 

The Mogul 2 Light Chandelier



Nautical lighting gets a dose of industrial farmhouse style with the handsome Mogul 2 Light Chandelier! The sturdy stem mounting supports two wire guard and... More 

The Executive 2 Light Chandelier



Don't hire a rookie for an executive job! The Executive double light chandelier features nautical wire guards paired with RLM style shades -- perfect for... More 

The Pioneer 4 Light Chandelier



The Pioneer breaks new ground with its industrial farmhouse flair that combines iconic guard and glass jars with mini RLM-inspired shades perched on arched... More 

The Ulysses 4 Light Chandelier



The Ulysses chandelier juxtaposes four, barn style gooseneck arms with nautical cast guard and glass lantern pendants for a unique industrial farmhouse... More 

The Aviary Caged 4 Light Chandelier

CODE: 30F2738/4TXB


The Aviary Caged 4 Light Chandelier has the appearance and architectural detail of hand forged craftsmanship with the elegance and symmetry of modern design... More 

The Inventor 4 Light Chandelier



Get your rustic nautical vibe off the drawing board with The Inventor. The perfect kitchen island light, this down-light fixture features four cast guard... More 

Parabolic 3-Light Chandelier



Multi-shade lights were introduced by Benjamin Industrial in the early 20th century. While these vintage lights can be hard to find, you can imbue your... More 

The Collaboration 2 Light Chandelier



Industrial pendant lighting gives a new twist to nautical lighting with the Collaboration 2-Light. This double pendant light features two cast guard and... More 

The Mercury 8 Light Chandelier



Inspired by Mid-Century style lighting, the Mercury outshines the rest with eight guard and glass fixtures mounted to an industrial stem mount chandelier.... More 

The Investor 2 Light Chandelier



The Investor is an instant asset to kitchens in need of rustic industrial lighting! This 2-light barn chandelier is a utilitarian workhorse with its double... More 

Benjamin® Fortified 3-Light Porcelain Stem Mount Pendant



Manufactured in the U.S.A. by Barn Light Electric Company.  Genuine Porcelain Enamel Pendants made like they were in the early 1900's Industrial Era.

Benjamin® Signal 2-Light Porcelain Stem Mount Pendant



Twice the light and twice the style! This American made enamel pendant is perfect for large open areas, indoors or out.

Benjamin® Polly 2-Light Porcelain Stem Mount Pendant



Manufactured in the U.S.A. by Barn Light Electric Company.  Genuine Porcelain Enamel Pendants made like they were in the early 1900's Industrial Era.

Tubular Linear Iron Chandelier

CODE: 30F2630/8AF/BS


The Tubular Linear Iron Chandelier is quite the statement piece. This contemporary piece combines the Brushed Steel body and Antique Forged Bronze... More 

Benjamin® Gilmore 2-Light Porcelain Stem Mount Pendant



Manufactured in the U.S.A. by Barn Light Electric Company.  Genuine Porcelain Enamel Pendants made like they were in the early 1900's Industrial Era.

The Enterprise 3 Light Chandelier



Looking for a stylish way to light up your countertops or kitchen island? The Enterprise combines industrial cast guard and glass pendants with sleek mini... More 

The Kitty Hawk Linear Chandelier

CODE: 12F2506CB


A new twist on an old favorite, the Linear Chandelier offers overhead lighting in a straightforward fashion. Finished in a traditional Copper Bronze, this... More 

The Brunswick Island 3-Light Chandelier

CODE: 12F2776


All of the vintage industrial charm of our new Brunswick Stem Mount times three! This beautiful vintage chandelier would be perfect over a pool table,... More 

Benjamin® Speedway 2-Light Porcelain Shallow Bowl Pendant



Manufactured in the U.S.A. by Barn Light Electric Company.  Genuine Porcelain Enamel Pendants made like they were in the early 1900's Industrial Era.

The Kitty Hawk Chandelier

CODE: 12F2503CB


This chandelier is brimming with industrial charm with its hand-worked wrought iron frame and chain mounting. Finished in a classic Copper Bronze, the Kitty... More 

The Junior 4-Light Clear Schoolhouse Chandelier



Channeling large, 19th Century glass fixtures, our Junior 4-Light Schoolhouse Chandelier marries classic, clear glass schoolhouse globes with a... More 

The Belhaven 3-Light Chandelier

CODE: 12F2948


You get three times the charm with the Belhaven Chandelier! Perfect for over the pool table, the kitchen island, or on the screened porch. Crafted with... More 

Lawton Chandelier

CODE: 118716


Shade Sizes Small Shade Size: W 29 1/2" x H 23 1/2" Large Shade Size: W 36 1/2" x H 23 1/2" Additional Information... More 

Pomona Chandelier

CODE: 115216


This traditional chandelier is nothing like the glitzy and glam designs we've grown accustomed to, yet it still remains elegant. The curved arms are thin... More 

The Guardian 4 Light Chandelier



Industrial farmhouse lighting meets nautical styling in this rustic chandelier. The Guardian 4-light chandelier features cast guard and glass jars topped... More 

The Outer Banks Chandelier

CODE: 12F3125


Rustic touches of metal and natural rope create a vintage chandelier that will have all your guests talking. Available in three sizes from 32" wide to a 32"... More 

Morgan Chandelier

CODE: 11623


This multi light vintage chandelier utilizes your choice of a polished nickel or old bronze finish. It has a minimalist construction that allows it to... More 

The Santa Fe Chandelier

CODE: 12F3135


The Santa Fe Chandelier adds an industrial twist to ceiling lighting! The chain hung, hand-worked iron wheel features glass insulator cap light fixtures... More 

Vermillion Chandelier

CODE: 117712


Shade Sizes Small Shade Size: W 46" x H 28"- 64" Large Shade Size: W 50 1/4" x H 29"- 59" Additional Information Mounting:... More 

Seneca Chandelier

CODE: 114033


Shade Sizes Small Shade Size: W 20" x H 17 1/2" Med Shade Size: W 25" x H 20" Large Shade Size: W 33 1/2" x H 27" Additional... More 

The Machinist Chandelier

CODE: 12F3675


Shade Sizes & Max Wattage:   Small Fixture: W 29" x   H 17 ½"  Max Wattage Per Socket:  60W Max Standard... More 

The Mystic Seaport Chandelier

CODE: 16906


A chandelier can help transform a room from dull to dynamic in short order. The Mystic Seaport Chandelier radiates early American charm and will become the... More 

The Providence Flush Mount Chandelier

CODE: 16903F


A charming example of Early American lighting, the Providence Flush Mount Chandelier is the perfect size for hallways, closets, or small rooms that need the... More 

The Bottom Line 4 Light Chandelier



The Bottom Line is -- there's nothing like rustic styling in a chandelier! This barn style fixture features four lights and is full of industrial accents... More 

The Maven Chandelier



Modeled after ring chandeliers that were prevalent in the Medieval times, the Maven features rustic elements that translate from historic settings to modern... More 

The Vanguard 8 Light Chandelier



Make a dramatic statement with The Vanguard, a modern industrial chandelier featuring Atomic Era cast guard and glass elements positioned on heavy duty... More 

The Coalition 3 Light Chandelier



Add industrial farmhouse flair to your space with The Coalition. This classic American made, 3-light chandelier features cast guard and glass lights with... More 

Tubular Iron Entryway Chandelier

CODE: 30P1251AF/BS


Make an elegant statement in your foyer with this beautifully crafted Tubular Iron Entryway Chandelier. This modern chandelier with its cylindrical shape... More 

The Chappel 3 Light Chandelier



Add vintage industrial style to any residential or commercial space with this three light drop chandelier! The Chappel features cast guard and glass... More 

The Weston Chain Hung Chandelier

CODE: 117820


Wow your guests with this candle lantern chandelier designed after traditional cage chandeliers. Chain hung and featuring five sockets, this classic light... More 

The Partnership 2 Light Chandelier



The Partnership combines nautical lighting style with industrial cast guard and glass jars to create a rugged, double ceiling light perfect for kitchen... More 

The Senior 4-Light Clear Schoolhouse Chandelier



A beautiful example of classic electric light fixtures from the early 20th century, the Senior 4-Light Schoolhouse Chandelier features curved, industrial... More 

The Jefferson Stemmed Chandelier

CODE: 113314


The four-light Jefferson Stemmed Chandelier has a contemporary look and is available in a Historic Bronze, Polished Nickel, or Aged Brass finish. Featuring... More 

The Negotiator 2 Light Chandelier



Get double the factory flair with this industrial style track light featuring nautical cast guard and glass topped with rustic RLM style shades. The... More