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Vintage Chandeliers

Small Lawton Chandelier, Aged Brass
Lawton Chandelier

CODE: 118716


Small Morgan Chandelier, Polished Nickel
Morgan Chandelier

CODE: 11623


Small Pomona Chandelier, Old Bronze
Pomona Chandelier

CODE: 115216


Small Seneca Chandelier, Old Bronze
Seneca Chandelier

CODE: 114033


The Aviary Caged 4 Light Chandelier
The Aviary Caged 4 Light Chandelier

CODE: 30F2738/4TXB


3-Light Ball Jar Chandelier, 300-Dark Green, CSGW - Gold & White Cloth Cord, 25W Victorian Edison Bulbs
The Ball Jar Multi-Light Chandelier



The Canterbury Chain Hung Chandelier, Small, Old Silver
The Canterbury Chain Hung Chandelier

CODE: 12F2573


Chelsea 3-Light Pendant, Satin Black
The Chelsea Multi-Light Pendant

CODE: 134293


The Jefferson Stemmed Chandelier, Aged Brass
The Jefferson Stemmed Chandelier

CODE: 113314


Large Machinist Chandelier
The Machinist Chandelier

CODE: 12F3675


Mystic Seaport Chandelier, Antique Brass | AB
The Mystic Seaport Chandelier

CODE: 16906


The Providence Flush Mount, DB | Dark Brass
The Providence Flush Mount Chandelier

CODE: 16903F


Small Santa Fe Chandelier
The Santa Fe Chandelier

CODE: 12F3135


The Weston Chain Hung Chandelier, Aged Brass
The Weston Chain Hung Chandelier

CODE: 117820


Tubular Iron Entryway Chandelier
Tubular Iron Entryway Chandelier

CODE: 30P1251AF/BS


Tubular Linear Iron Chandelier
Tubular Linear Iron Chandelier

CODE: 30F2630/8AF/BS


Small Vermillion Chandelier, Historic Bronze
Vermillion Chandelier

CODE: 117712