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Vintage Chandeliers

Ideal for any turn of the century home, our Vintage Chandeliers represent the same classic designs once used within the Colonial and Victorian period. Ideal for any formal dining room or entryway, our Vintage Chandeliers can be ordered in several traditional styles and finishes.

Tubular Iron Entryway Chandelier
Tubular Iron Entryway Chandelier

CODE: 30P1251AF/BS


The Weston Chain Hung Chandelier, Aged Brass
The Weston Chain Hung Chandelier

CODE: 117820


The Jefferson Stemmed Chandelier, Aged Brass
The Jefferson Stemmed Chandelier

CODE: 113314


The Bubble Glass 10-Light Pendant, Polished Chrome, Shown with 40w T8 Carbon Filament Bulb
The Bubble Glass 10-Light Pendant

CODE: 134598.01C


The Canterbury Chain Hung Chandelier, Small, Old Silver
The Canterbury Chain Hung Chandelier

CODE: 12F2573