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Clearance Lighting

Lighting on this page has been discounted up to 50%. Take advantage of these special prices, they will not be around for long!

Discounted and Clearance Lighting is non-returnable. All sales are FINAL.

Barn Lighting Architectural Brass Lighting

12" Warehouse Pendant in 99-Medium Blue
12" Warehouse Pendant in 91-Black

CODE: H-15112-91/CB8-91-CL

$138.00   $117.30

Mounting and cup finish not representative of listed fixture. Fixture does not include turn key.
Barn Light Homestead Pendant in 93-White

CODE: H-97410-93-RIB/24"ST-CL

$221.00   $104.00

Finish in photo not representative of listed product.
9" Barn Light Houston Pendant in BR47-Rust

CODE: H-7320-BR47-CL

$207.00   $103.50

Atlantis Pin-up Pendant, Satin Silver
Atlantis Pin-up Pendant in Satin Silver

CODE: 131674.04-CL

$135.00   $94.50

7" Barn Light Deep Bowl Pendant in 11-Satin Steel
7" Barn Light Deep Bowl Pendant in 11-Satin Steel

CODE: H-16007-11/CB8-11-CL

$118.00   $94.40

12" Warehouse Pendant in 93-White
12" Warehouse Pendant in 93-White

CODE: H-15112-93/CW8-93-CL

$99.00   $89.10

Listed fixture is cord hung and does not include gooseneck.
10" Barn Light "The Artesia" Warehouse Pendant in 97-Red

CODE: H-15010-97/CB8-91-CL

$132.00   $79.20