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Discount Barn Lighting

Discount Lighting - Our Discount Warehouse lighting allows you to showcase barn style lighting without breaking the bank!

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The Wesco Up Light Pendant Lighting    

10" Angle Shade Gooseneck Sign Lighting



Inspired by vintage sign lighting, this 10" Angle Shade Gooseneck Light not only brightens commercial spaces—it also adds a stylish touch to a space's... More 

8" Warehouse Wall Sconce



Perfect for entryway or vanity lighting, this warehouse wall sconce adds big personality with a small price tag. Available in several classic finishes, this... More 

Farm & Barn Warehouse 12" 14" and 16" Pendant



Now you can have the look of one of our most popular warehouse shades at a very affordable price! Available in three shade sizes, this discount pendant... More 

3-Light Wire Cage Pendant

CODE: 145313


Considering utilizing warehouse lights over a large dining table or kitchen island? Then our 3-Light Wire Cage Pendant might be a stylish option to... More 

12" Emblem Shade Gooseneck Sign Lighting



Inspired by vintage gas station lights, this 12" Emblem Shade Gooseneck Sign Light is crafted to provide the perfect way to illuminate your commercial... More 

17" Warehouse Shade Gooseneck Barn Light



Information Shade Size: W 17" x H 9 1/4" Wall Canopy: 4 1/2" Dia Mounting: Multiple Gooseneck Arms Finish: Multiple (See... More 

14" Warehouse Shade Gooseneck Barn Light



Remaining a popular design feature throughout the 20th century and into the modern era, warehouse shades have roots in factories, barns and other industrial... More 

Wire Cage Sconce

CODE: 145321


A more traditional take on the 8” Warehouse Wall Sconce , the Wire Cage Sconce is a charming light fixture perfect for entryway or bedroom lighting... More 

Warehouse Wall Sconce Light


$39.95   $31.00

A great farmhouse style walls sconce! This fixture’s classic jelly jar appearance is one that has been traditionally found in country style homes... More 

7" Schoolhouse Wall Sconce

CODE: 145371


A warehouse sconce complete with a schoolhouse style globe is reminiscent of wall lighting once found in retro soda shops and classic diners. By... More 

Up | Down Pocket Sconce

CODE: 145341


The Up | Down Pocket Sconce is just what its name implies - it can be installed facing upwards, or downwards, depending on where you'd like the light... More 

10" Warehouse Broadcast Pendant

CODE: 145331


If you’re a fan of schoolhouse pendant lighting, but prefer a more industrial inspired look, then the 10” Warehouse Broadcast Pendant may be... More 

14" Warehouse Cord Hung Pendant



Information Shade Size: W 14" x H 8 1/4" Ceiling Canopy: 5 3/4" Dia Mounting: 12' Black Cord (Adjustable) Finish: Multiple (See... More 

3-Light Warehouse Broadcast Pendant

CODE: 145343


Complete with three warehouse shades and diffuser lenses to match, this vintage style pendant packs a big punch at a small price. Our discount chandelier... More 

Warehouse Ceiling Flush Mount Light


$34.95   $30.00

Discount flush mount lights are perfect for low ceilings, indoors or out. While this particular style works well in rustic, country or farmhouse style... More 

3-Light Schoolhouse Chandelier

CODE: 145353


Two traditional finish options make this factory inspired chandelier unique from any other. This style of schoolhouse light is perfect for mounting in... More