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Warehouse Lighting

To recapture the look of classic barn lighting, this latest series of Discount Barn Lighting offers a traditional, vintage look at an astonishing price. These quality, imported lights are finely crafted to recreate the charm of the late Victorian period through your choice of pendant, gooseneck, chandelier, or sign light. Our Warehouse Lighting ships within 4-7 business days of your order and is Non-Returnable.

Wire Cage Flush Mount Light, Rubbed Bronze
Wire Cage Flush Mount Light

CODE: 145323


Vintage Glass Shade Pendant, Rubbed Bronze
Vintage Glass Shade Pendant

CODE: 145711


Conical Glass Shade Pendant, Brushed Nickel
Conical Glass Shade Pendant

CODE: 145701


Bare Bulb Stem Mount Pendant, Chrome
Bare Bulb Stem Mount Pendant

CODE: 145307


Industrial Jar Stem Mount Pendant, Rubbed Bronze
Industrial Jar Stem Mount Pendant

CODE: 145308


Industrial Jar Sconce, Rubbed Bronze
Industrial Jar Sconce

CODE: 145309


Neo Industrial Warehouse Shade, Brushed Nickel
Neo Industrial Warehouse Shade

CODE: 145380


Neo Industrial Mini-Pendant, Chrome
Neo Industrial Mini-Pendant

CODE: 145381


Neo Industrial Glass Guard Pendant, Rubbed Bronze
Neo Industrial Glass Guard Pendant

CODE: 145370


4-Light Schoolhouse Vanity Light, Satin Nickel
4-Light Schoolhouse Vanity Light

CODE: 145414


3-Light Schoolhouse Vanity Light, Rubbed Bronze
3-Light Schoolhouse Vanity Light

CODE: 145413


2-Light Schoolhouse Vanity Light, Satin Nickel
2-Light Schoolhouse Vanity Light

CODE: 145412


Triple Wire Guard Chandelier, Bronze
3-Light Wire Cage Chandelier

CODE: 145303


Triple Wire Guard Pendant, Bronze
3-Light Wire Cage Pendant

CODE: 145313


Wire Guard Pendant (Small)
Wire Cage Pendant

CODE: 145301


8.25" Wire Guard Sconce, Bronze
Wire Cage Sconce

CODE: 145321


17" Warehouse Gooseneck Light, Green, 22" Arm
17" Warehouse Shade Gooseneck Barn Light



14" Warehouse Gooseneck Light, Galvanized, 22" Arm
14" Warehouse Shade Gooseneck Barn Light



10" Deep Bowl Warehouse Gooseneck Light, Black, 15" Arm
10" Deep Bowl Shade Gooseneck Barn Light



10.5" Cross Cut Glass Pocket Sconce, Bronze
Up | Down Pocket Sconce

CODE: 145341


Radial Double Post Mount & Red Radial Wave Shades
Radial Double Post Mount



Railroad Single Post Mount & Copper Railroad Shade
Railroad Single Post Mount



Mini Warehouse Glass Shade Pendant, Brushed Nickel
Mini Warehouse Glass Shade Pendant

CODE: 145300


10" Warehouse Diffuser Pendent, Bronze
10" Warehouse Broadcast Pendant

CODE: 145331


Triple Warehouse Diffuser Pendent, Bronze
3-Light Warehouse Broadcast Pendant

CODE: 145343


Triple Warehouse Diffuser Chanddelers, Bronze
3-Light Warehouse Broadcast Chandelier

CODE: 145333


Triple Schoolhouse Pendent, Bronze
3-Light Schoolhouse Pendant

CODE: 145363


Triple Schoolhouse Chandelier, Bronze
3-Light Schoolhouse Chandelier

CODE: 145353


Small Schoolhouse Pendant, Bronze
Schoolhouse Pendant

CODE: 145351


17" Warehouse Pendant, Green, Stem Mount
17" Warehouse Stem Mount Pendant



14" Warehouse Pendant, Bronze, Stem Mount
14" Warehouse Stem Mount Pendant



10" Deep Bowl Pendant, Galvanized, Stem Mount
10" Deep Bowl Stem Mount Pendant