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18" Original Flush Mount, 975-Galvanized | Wire Cage
The Original™ Warehouse Flush Mount Pendant



For low ceilings, flush mount pendant lighting is an excellent alternative to harsh fluorescents--and is far more stylish! This industrial lighting...

Intermediate Schoolhouse Semi-Flush Mount Light, Small Shade, 400-Red, Double Stripe, 400-Red
The Intermediate Schoolhouse Semi-Flush Mount Light



Dress it up or dress it down! Our Intermediate Schoolhouse Semi-Flush Mount Light can take on any number of personalities thanks to the multiple finish...

Indy Industrial Pendant, Black Socket, Turn Key, Black Cord Hung, Nostalgic Edison-Style 1890 Era 40 Watt Light Bulb (Not Included) | Turn key
Barn Light Indy Industrial Pendant



A replica of early industrial pendants , the Barn Light Indy Industrial Pendant shows off classic styles. Although it's based on the vintage lights of the...

Homestead Pendant Light, Clear Ribbed Glass | Cup, 100-Black | SBK-Standard Black Cord | Turn Key Switch
Barn Light Homestead Pendant



Bring a touch of vintage style to your home or office with the Homestead Pendant. Similar to vintage flared glass shades, this pendant light takes on a...

Large Anchorage Bulkhead Wall Mount Light Fixture, White
Anchorage Bulkhead Wall Mount Light Fixture



Finding inspiration in the portholes found on ships, the Anchorage Bulkhead Wall Mount Light Fixture brings a classic look to homes or businesses. An...

The Bullet Cast Guard, 975-Galvanized | TGG-Heavy Duty Cast Guard, CLR-Clear Glass
The Bullet Cast Guard



Join the Rustic Revolution with this wall and ceiling-hugging sconce! Inspired by nautical CGUs, this compact, yet stylish sconce offers plenty of light...

16" Brisbane Pendant, 705-Navy with 200-White Guard, Honey Crackle Glass | CSBG-Black & Gold Cloth Cord
The Brisbane Cord Hung Pendant



With a nod to vintage Crouse Hinds light fixtures of the past, the Brisbane Cord Hung Pendant brings plenty of industrial style to both residential and...

12" Laramie Sconce | 400-Barn Red
The Laramie Wall Sconce



The traditional barn light sconce you love embellished with western flair. The Laramie is a decorative and Western-style wall sconce that stands out with...

The Madrid Modern Cord Hung Pendant, 200-White | SBK-Standard Black Cord
The Madrid Modern Cord Hung Pendant



Perfect for modern interiors, the Madrid Cord Hung Pendant features a mini-deep bowl shade that is spot-on for the industrial and urban lighting trend....

Raindrop Pendant, Polished Chrome, Clear Glass
The Raindrop Pendant

CODE: 134840


Adorn your ceilings with teardrop shaped pendant lights! The Raindrop Pendant features hand-blown glass, an adjustable cord, and can be customized with...

Atomic Industrial Guard Sconce, 975-Galvanized | CGG-Standard Cast Guard, FR-Frosted Glass
Atomic Industrial Guard Sconce



One of our top-selling rustic wall sconces, the Atomic Industrial Guard Sconce combines a nautical top with industrial cast guard body for an edgy look. The...

Streamline Industrial Guard Sconce, 600-Bronze | TGG-Heavy Duty Cast Guard, CLR-Clear Glass
Streamline Industrial Guard Sconce



With a nod to its nautical roots, the Streamline Industrial Guard Sconce is ideal for outdoor use in harsh weather or for indoor settings such as bathrooms,...

10" Alston Sconce, Historic Nickel
Alston Wall Sconce

CODE: 118000-MS1


Giving homes and businesses the styles of vintage lighting, the Alston Wall Sconce is perfect for any space. Instilling both residential and commercial...

16" Laramie Pendant, 600-Bronze | TBR-Brown Cotton Twist Cord
The Laramie Pendant



Loaded with industrial farmhouse style, the Laramie Pendant is a classic light for almost any space. With its unique design, featuring slender arms joining...

12" Drake Copper Gooseneck Light, 999-Oil-Rubbed Copper, G22 Gooseneck Arm, Decorative Backplate & Hex Cover
The Drake Copper Gooseneck Light



Hand spun from solid copper, this beautiful gooseneck warehouse light will add instant style to any space. This American made classic farm light is suitable...

16" Original Pendant, 975-Galvanized | SBK-Standard Black Cord
The Original™ Warehouse Pendant



Based on the industrial lighting initially produced in the early 1900s, the Original™ Warehouse Pendant features traditional RLM warehouse shade...

14" The Original, 975- Galvanized Finish | G15 Gooseneck Arm
The Original™ Warehouse Gooseneck Light



This classic style warehouse shade can be customized in over 9 finishes. Indoors or out, this is a great American made barn light.

Large Amidships Bulkhead Wall Mount, Galvanized
Amidships Bulkhead Wall Mount Light Fixture



Flaunting a marine vibe, the Amidships Bulkhead Wall Mount Light Fixture blends the looks of nautical and industrial lighting. Suiting many different design...

The Mascot Schoolhouse Sconce, Mounting in 975-Galvanized | Triple Stripe, 500-Buttery Yellow
The Mascot Schoolhouse Sconce



This decorative wall light combines the colorful charm of schoolhouse lighting with a compact wall sconce mount. Add this American made schoolhouse lights...

12" Houston Street Soho Sconce, 700-Royal Blue
The Houston Street SoHo Sconce



Throughout its storied history, New York's SoHo district has been transformed several times. Each of these changes made its own imprint on the style that...

Atomic Topless Double Market Industrial Guard Sconce, 311-Jadite | TGG-Heavy Duty Cast Guard, CLR-Clear Glass
Atomic Topless Double Market Industrial Guard Sconce



A truly rugged industrial vanity light, the Atomic Topless Double Market Industrial Guard Sconce adds a rustic edge to your space with its heavy duty cast...

10" Universal Vanity Sconce, 975-Galvanized
Universal 2-Light Vanity Sconce



  • Heavy Duty & Commercial Grade
  • Multiple Gooseneck Options
  • Multiple Finish Options
  • Made in the U.S.A. (Not an Import)

12" Chesapeake Bay Sconce
The Chesapeake Bay Mirrored Gooseneck Sconce

CODE: 12B3142


This classic wall sconce combines the style of vintage lights with a compact gooseneck arm. As a result the Chesapeake Bay Mirrored Gooseneck Sconce fits...

Fargo Copper Pendant, 995-Raw Copper | Cup, with Arms, 970-Mahogany | No Key | SBK-Standard Black Cord
The Fargo Copper Pendant



Add a touch of industrial period lighting to your home with the Fargo Copper Pendant. This hand-crafted mini barn pendant is hand spun from solid copper and...

16" Wesco, 100-Black, Galvanized Chain & Standard Black Cord
The Wesco Deep Bowl Chain Hung Pendant



One of our most popular industrial deep bowl shades has a new look! The Wesco Deep Bowl Chain Hung Pendant sports a vintage farmhouse style chain that can...

Brushed Steel Glass Pendant
Brushed Steel Glass Pendant

CODE: 30P1239BS/GW


With the classic look of a traditional warehouse pendant, the Brushed Steel Glass Pendant will be an instant hit in your dining room, kitchen, or bath. With...

Primary Schoolhouse Stem Mount Light, Small Shade, 975-Galvanized, Single Stripe, 311-Jadite
The Primary Schoolhouse Stem Mount Light



This vintage ceiling light gets a new twist with a painted band for added appeal! Choose from two shade sizes for your schoolhouse lighting. Then dress up...

16" Cherokee Stem Mount, 600-Bronze, Smoke Crackle Glass, 18" Stem
The Cherokee Uplight Stem Mount Pendant



Industrial pendant lighting now has a more modern feel! The Cherokee Uplight Stem Mount Pendant takes the styles of vintage lighting while still feeling...

Vintage Ball Perfect Blue Mason Jar Pendant
Vintage Ball Perfect Blue Mason Jar Pendant



Enhancing industrial farmhouse styles, this ceiling lighting incorporates recycled ball mason jars into its design. Finding a new purpose, a blue mason jar...

14" Blue Collar Pendant, 705-Navy | RIB-Ribbed Glass
The Blue Collar Stem Mount Pendant



This utilitarian ceiling light is loaded with industrial detailing from the sturdy stem mounting down to the wire cage and cast guard. American made from...

14" Benjamin Industrial Pendant, With Arms, 400-Barn Red, Cup in 705-Navy, TRD-Red & White Chevron Twist Cord
Barn Light Benjamin Industrial Pendant



As a replica of the original 1930's Benjamin® Industrial Pendants, this pendant lighting is overflowing with vintage style. The older relatives of these...

16" Cherokee Pendant, 975-Galvanized, Frost Glass, CSUW-Blue & White Cloth Cord
The Cherokee Uplight Cord Hung Pendant



Ideal for industrial ceiling lighting, the Cherokee Uplight Cord Hung Pendant features a flared warehouse shade with horizontal vents on the neck for up...

16" Cherokee Gooseneck, 300-Dark Green, Frost Glass, G22 Gooseneck Arm
The Cherokee Uplight Gooseneck Light



As a take on classic industrial lighting, the Cherokee Uplight Gooseneck Light shows off a flared RLM shade with horizontal slits in the neck, creating an...

Atomic Topless Double Wire Guard Pendant, 100-Black| CLR-Clear Glass
Industrial Loft Double Wire Guard Pendant



Get a classic Mid-Century look with the Industrial Loft Double Wire Guard Pendant! Inspired by ship lights, this metal, double ceiling light has a bullet...

Metropolitan Mod Mushroom Pendant | Polished Nickel
Metropolitan Mod Mushroom Pendant

CODE: 30P1253


The Metropolitan Mod Mushroom Pendant shares the same shilouette with the rest of the Metropolitan collection, featuring the same teardrop shape for a sleek...

13" Cottonwood Flush Mount Ceiling Light, Old Bronze
Cottonwood Flush Mount Ceiling Light

CODE: 113322


Flush mount lighting at its stylish, the Cottonwood Ceiling Light adds to the decor of any space. Perfect for hallways or family rooms with low-hanging...

8" Austin Sconce, 975-Galvanized
Austin Wall Sconce



  • Heavy Duty & Commercial Grade
  • Multiple Gooseneck Options
  • Multiple Finish Options
  • Made in the U.S.A. (Not an Import)

Chelsea 3-Light Pendant, Satin Black
The Chelsea Multi-Light Pendant

CODE: 134293


Industrial minimalism at its finest! The Chelsea Pendant features industrial teardrop pendants fixed to a black silk cord and satin black ballast for a...

15" The Old Dixie Cord Hung Pendant, 400 - Barn Red, Red Cheveron Cord
The Old Dixie Cord Hung Pendant



The Old Dixie Cord Hung Pendant brings southern charm and style to kitchens, laundry rooms, and dining rooms thanks to its bold, classic warehouse shade....

Outdoor Café String Lights, 1890 Era 40w Edison Style Bulbs
Outdoor Café String Lights

CODE: 18810001


Bring on the night and let the evening festivities begin under the glow of our heavy-duty Café String Lights! From wedding barn string lighting to...

14" Original Stem Mount Pendant, 975-Galvanized | 18" Stem
The Original™ Stem Mount Pendant



Originally found on farms and in factories back in the 1930s and 40s, the Original™ Warehouse Shade now adds a classic touch to your indoor or outdoor...

Atomic Topless Industrial Guard Pendant, 975-Galvanized | CSUW-Blue & White Cloth Cord | TGG-Heavy Duty Cast Guard, CLR-Clear Glass
Atomic Topless Industrial Guard Pendant



Industrial pendant lighting provides a rustic edge to any place it's installed. Complete with a cast guard hanging from a stylish cord, the Atomic Topless...

12" Houston Street Soho Studio Light, 500-Buttery Yellow
The Houston Street SoHo Studio Light



In 1971 New York adjusted their zoning laws, allowing artists to live in their workspaces. This separated the SoHo district from its industrious past,...

12" Astro Copper Pendant, 995-Raw Copper | SBK-Standard Black Cord
The Astro Copper Pendant



For a festive twist to your interior lighting, try the Astro Copper Pendant! Hand-spun from raw copper, this American made, shallow bowl ceiling light will...

Chicken Wire Basket Pendant Lamp
Chicken Wire Basket Pendant Lamp

CODE: 23NNL2017


This unique pendant lamp gives a whole new meaning to shabby chic! With a distinct nod to the farm, this light will be a charming addition to your kitchen,...

Elementary Schoolhouse Cord Hung Light, Large Shade, Galvanized, Single Black Stripe
The Elementary Schoolhouse Cord Hung Light



Taking its inspiration from vintage lighting, schoolhouse shades bring a classic style to any typee of space. The Elementary Schoolhouse Cord Hung Light is...

The Downtown Minimalist Cord Pendant, 311-Jadite, CRZ-Red Chevron Cord | Nostalgic Edision 1890 Era 40w Bulb
The Downtown Minimalist Cord Pendant



A bare bulb doesn't have to be boring! Inspired by our industrial cord lights, the Downtown Minimalist Cord Pendant adds a pop of color to your ceiling...

The Fargo Stem & Loop Pendant, 100-Black | 12" Nickel Stem and Canopy, Black Cord
The Fargo Stem & Loop Pendant



A perfect blend of warehouse lighting and elegant lighting fixtures, the Fargo Stem & Loop pendant brings a one-of-a-kind feel anyplace it's installed....

16" Sky Chief, 750-Cobalt Blue | G22 Gooseneck Arm, 980-Brushed Aluminum
Goodrich® Sky Chief Porcelain Gooseneck Light



Barn Light Exclusive.
Genuine Vitreous Porcelain Enamel.
Commercial Grade & Wet Location.

16" Brisbane Gooseneck Light, 705-Navy with 200-White Guard, Honey Crackle Glass, G22 Gooseneck Arm in 975-Galvanized
The Brisbane Gooseneck Light



You'll be the envy of the neighbors when you install this gorgeous gooseneck barn light on your garage! The Brisbane Gooseneck Light features both a shallow...

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