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Industrial Home Utility

House Numbers



Identify your home or office address with bold style! Our new powder-coated house numbers are available in a striking serif font that's easy to read even... More 

Industrial Metal Adjustable Stool



Please note that this fixture is on backorder August/September 2015. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.    One of the... More 

The Moscow Mule Copper Cup - 8oz



Locally crafted by our own artisans, this eight ounce Moscow Mule Copper Cup is hand spun from raw copper to a beautiful sheen that radiates while keeping... More 

Round Vintage Utilitarian Wire Baskets (Set of 2)

CODE: 23CQ6096


This set of two Wire Baskets could come in handy in so many places! In the garage to capture tools and toys, on the fireplace to hold wood and kindling, or... More 

Enamel Graniteware Cup - 8oz



Handcrafted from commercial grade steel, these Graniteware Cups are heavy-duty, American-made originals, not to be mistaken for lightweight, imported... More 

Set of 3 Tapering Zinc Containers

CODE: 23CMX2091


These three tapered Zinc Containers with metal frames will add a rugged industrial touch to your home or commercial business. Let your imagination run wild... More