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Retro Clocks

Bold and quirky designs characterize this collection of Retro Clocks! From the sleek Metro to the classic Bullit Mantel clock, there's a style to suit any home, office, or library!.

Bubble Alarm Clock



This quirky design would make the ideal gift for a student or a great accessory for the office! The bold Arabic numerals and hands add to the simple, yet... More 

Bullit Mantel Alarm Clock



With a sleek, oblong design, the Bullit Mantel Alarm Clock tucks onto mantels and bookshelves with ease. Its white face and black numbers are housed in an... More 

Metro Clock



This retro wall clock has a glossy acrylic case that gives its vintage design a quirky, modern twist. Available in Red or Black, this square clock has a fun... More 

Dolomite Alarm Clock

CODE: 24DOL387


This gorgeous retro-inspired alarm clock has a silent sweep movement so you can enjoy uninterrupted sleep -- until the alarm goes off of course! Available... More 

Bubble Clock



The Bubble Wall Clock has a great '70s retro feel with bold Arabic numerals and hands. Available in three classic gloss finish colors to complement any... More