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Barn Light Electric Company, LLC is an equal opportunity employer. We recruit, hire, train, and promote individuals without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, marital status,, sexual orientation, status as a Vietnam era or other veteran, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law.

Applicants are welcome to apply for any open available position.  Applications/resumes submitted for positions that are not open will not be considered. Barn Light Electric Company, LLC is a drug-free workplace. You will be required to pass a drug screen & background test. 


Open Positions

Social Media Coordinator; Sales Associate; Inventory Supervisor 


Social Media Coordinator- The  Social Media Coordinator is responsible for managing and engaging on all social media sites with the goal of increased website ranking, brand visibility and customer engagement. Minimum of AA Degree Required. Education emphasis in communications, marketing or social media. Basic computer functions & Microsoft Office. Knowledge of basic marketing tactics. Experience with online social media and networking. 

  • Assist and provide creative copy and content for newsletters, graphics, the blog and online social content. 
  • Social media liaison for major networking sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Houzz, and Google+, Barn Light Electric Blog.
  • Manage Google AdWords.
  • Monitor current design trends and industry movements in order to improve/maintain Barn Light Electric’s product relevance and visibility. 


Sales Associate- To act as the primary contact between our customers and anyone associated with them (electricians, carpenters, general contractors, or designers).  Associates are expected to provide answers and expert opinions for any questions that our customers may have in a timely, professional manner.  The objective for all Barn Light Electric employees is to present a positive and above average experience for our customers, ensuring a continued relationship with our loyal clientele. High School Diploma, AA Degree, 2 years of sales-related experience are required. 

  •   Responsible for assisting customers (over the phone, email, help desk, or live chat) with questions, pricing requests, or assistance placing orders.
  •  Sales Associates are expected to assist unsatisfied customers in a professional manner, any difficult or irresolvable issues are to be given to the Sales Manager.
  • Required to issue Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) forms to customers returning items, according to Barn Light Electric’s Return Policy.
  • Provides accurate quotations to trade professionals and customers upon request, following a uniform template provided by sales management.
  • Sales Associates will be requested to check addresses periodically, for our purchasing department, on Purchase Orders to verify addresses.
  • Associates are expected to contact customers on stock of product and inform the customer if there are any issues with their orders.
  • Contact with our manufactures is vital, sales associates will be required to follow up with mfg in regards to completion times, damages, general questions, and other case-by-case issues.
  • Adheres to all company policies, procedures and business ethics codes and ensures that they are communicated and implemented within the team.


Inventory Supervisor- The Inventory Supervisor is mainly responsible for ensuring that the organization has the right amount of stock to meet customer’s needs and also to avoid overstocking certain items. The Supervisor is responsible for strategically managing the investment of the inventory. AA degree preferred. 3 years supervisor experience required. 3 years of experience in Inventory Control in Manufacturing environment. Strong communication skills. Complete understanding of EOQ, MRP, ERP, BOM, FG, RFQ, Reorder Pt, Min/Max, commodities, production planning and expediting in all aspects of manufacturing. Proficient in Microsoft with Excel, Word and Outlook and MRP software

  • Ensure that the organization has optimal levels of stock
  •  Monitor the levels of stock and make purchase orders when it falls below desirable levels. Works with the rest of the management team to ensure that the organization has adequate supply of stock during peak customer periods, such as during sales and on holidays.
  •  Ascertain the quality of goods that are delivered to the organization and also to confirm that they are still in excellent condition before they are shipped out to the customer.
  • Direct the flow of goods into, through and out of the organization’s storage facilities. Liaison with marketing, customer relations and warehousing departments to ensure that the customer’s order is properly filled with the exact goods that were requisitioned. If the marketing department is running a promotion, the inventory manager should be apprised.
  • Responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with suppliers to ensure efficiency along the supply chain.
  • Prepare and ensure the accuracy of documentation relating to inventory. Records the quality, quantity, type, style and any other characteristic of goods that the organization holds in inventory to give the rest of the management team a clear picture of what the organization has and what it needs.
  • Track the inventory flow to identify slow moving and dead stock
  •  Ensure the integrity of the stock management systems to guard against pilferage, theft, fraud and other activities that adversely affect the organization’s operations.
  • Responsible for management of Inventory/ Receiving, Expediting, Contract Review and Shipping employees.


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