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HID - Metal Halide

Metal Halide lamps operate under high pressure and temperature, and require special fixtures to operate safely. Originally created in the late 1960s for industrial use, metal halide lamps are now available in numerous sizes and configurations for commercial and residential applications. If purchasing a Metal Halide light bulb, a ballast kit is necessary for proper use.

Case of 12: HID Metal Halide Enclosed Pulse Start Light Bulbs

CODE: 18663050


Bulb Type: ED17 Base: Medium Case of 12 Average Hours: 10000 Lumens: 3400 (50 Watts) Lumens: 5600 (70 Watts) Lumens: 7800... More 

Case of 12: HID Metal Halide Open Pulse Start Light Bulbs

CODE: 18663071


Metal Halide | Medium Base 663071: Watts: 70W Base: Medium Bulb Type: ED17 Avg. Hours: 10,000 Lumens: 5300 M.O.L.:... More