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Light Bulbs

In general, most of our Barn Light Electric Co.® fixtures do not come with Light Bulbs. Here, browse a variety of styles from Nostalgic Edison Style, to energy efficient Compact Fluorescent. You also have the option to customize your fixture using Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium bulbs.

Nostalgic Edison Style Standard Incandescent Compact Fluorescent HID - Metal Halide

HID - High Pressure Sodium LED Light Bulbs    

15, 18, & 23 Watt Light Bulb | Case of 12: Compact Fluorescent CFL Dimma...

CODE: 18514015


Case of 12: Mogul Base HID High Pressure Sodium Light Bulb

CODE: 18661051


Case of 12: HID Metal Halide Enclosed Pulse Start Light Bulbs

CODE: 18663050


Case of 12: HID Metal Halide Open Pulse Start Light Bulbs

CODE: 18663071


Case of 10: LED MR-16 Light Bulbs

CODE: 18771060


LED PAR 20 Dimmable Bulb
Case of 12: LED Dimmable PAR Light Bulbs

CODE: 18772230