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Standard Incandescent

The Standard Incandescent bulb is widely used for residential and commercial lighting purposes. Our selection of Standard Incandescent bulbs at Barn Light Electric ranges from Heat Lamps, Par & Mini Par Lights, Grow Lamps, Halogen, and of course Standard Bulbs which are all available in numerous wattages.

Eco-Friendly Halogen A-19 Bulb
2-Pack Eco-Friendly Halogen Bulbs

CODE: 18115028


Case of 12: Long Life 300w Incandescent Bulb

CODE: 18101300


Case of 12: 25W–150W G40 Bulbs

CODE: 18351025


43W A19 True Daylight Bulb, Clear
Case of 12: 43w – 72w True Daylight Full Spectrum Bulbs

CODE: 18616243


60W A19 Bulb A Shape
Case of 12: 40w – 100w Half Chrome Bulbs

CODE: 18712160


60W A19 Bulb A Shape
Case of 12 – 24: 60w-200w Frost Silver Bowl Bulbs

CODE: 18717060


60W A19 Bulb
Case of 24: 60w-150w Shatter Resistant Bulbs

CODE: 18108060


60w A19 Base | A Shape
Case of 12: 50w-150w Specialty Plant Grow Bulbs

CODE: 18710160


250w BR40 Base | Clear
Case of 12: 250w Heat Lamps

CODE: 18714025


40W PAR16 Bulb
Case of 15: PAR-16 – PAR 30 Halogen Bulbs

CODE: 18681640


50w PAR-20 | Cool Beam
Case of 15: Specialty Cool Beam and Infrared PAR Halogen Bulbs

CODE: 18690050


Ceramic 11w Sign Bulb
Case of 12: Ceramic 11w Sign Bulb

CODE: 18701111