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Exterior Pendants

Outdoor Café String Lights, 1890 Era 40w Edison Style Bulbs
Outdoor Café String Lights

CODE: 18810001


Period Basics Circa 1910 Exterior Pendant, Old Rust
Period Basics Circa 1910 Exterior Pendant

CODE: 12F9273OR


Portsmouth Exterior Pendant, Boston Bronze with Rust Accents, Clear Seeded Glass
Portsmouth Exterior Pendant

CODE: 12F1877BB


Mission Bell Pendant in Centennial Rust
Mission Bell Pendant

CODE: 12F2367CR


Old Town Exterior Pendant, Natural Bronze, Clear Seeded Glass with Amber Cylinder
Old Town Exterior Pendant

CODE: 12F9362NB


Bristol Bay Exterior Pendant, Sunset Bronze, Light Amber Glass
Bristol Bay Exterior Pendant

CODE: 12F2056SBZ


Station Square Exterior Pendant, Natural Rust, Seeded Glass
Station Square Exterior Pendant

CODE: 12F1417NR


Aspen Exterior Pendant, Natural Bronze, Seeded Amber Etched Glass
Aspen Exterior Pendant

CODE: 12F9255NB


The Craftsman Hanging Lantern
The Craftsman Hanging Lantern

CODE: 30OL7611ES


The Jamestown Contemporary Pendant
The Jamestown Contemporary Pendant

CODE: 12F3337


Owings Mill Exterior Pendant, Natural Bronze, Clear Seeded Glass
Owings Mill Exterior Pendant

CODE: 12F9466NB


Lucerne Exterior Pendant, Statuary Bronze, Iridescent Honey
Lucerne Exterior Pendant

CODE: 12F9886SBZ


Newton Exterior Pendant, Old Bronze, Clear Seeded Glass
Newton Exterior Pendant



La Grange Exterior Pendant, Hand Forged Iron, Clear Seeded Glass
La Grange Exterior Pendant



Britannia Exterior Pendant, English Bronze, Seeded Glass
Britannia Exterior Pendant

CODE: 12F1386EB


The Jupiter Inlet Hanging Lantern | Brushed Steel
The Jupiter Inlet Hanging Lantern

CODE: 30OL2209


The Alamo Hanging Lantern
The Alamo Hanging Lantern Pendant