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Plug-in Barn Lights

These portable light fixtures come in a variety of pendant light styles;  From hanging barn lights to glass pendants. Shop for plug in barn lights for easy-to-install lighting.

Chicken Wire Basket Pendant Lamp

CODE: 23NNL2017


This unique pendant lamp gives a whole new meaning to shabby chic! With a distinct nod to the farm, this light will be a charming addition to your kitchen,... More 

Glass Flared Pendant Lamp

CODE: 23NNL1003


Like the bare bulb look but still prefer a shade? Get the best of both worlds with this cord-hung pendant that can be hardwired or plugged-in. A wider, yet... More 

Cultured Patina Metal Hanging Pendant

CODE: 23NDP1007


A perfect addition to an apartment or loft, this 16" bowl pendant comes in a striking green patina finish. The six-foot, black fabric cord gives you the... More 

Distressed Metal Hammered Hanging Pendant

CODE: 23NDP1009


For those hooked on all things industrial, this Distressed Metal Hammered Pendant is loaded with industrial style! The 20"-wide, cord-hung pendant throws a... More 

Textured Metal Ribbed Pendant

CODE: 23NDP1011


This handsome bucket-shaped pendant in a beautiful green patina finish lends a rustic touch to the kitchen island, dining room table, or any workspace. The... More 

Glass Tube Pendant Lamp

CODE: 23NNL1004


Like the bare bulb look? Check out this adaptation to that popular style! What better way to highlight a Nostalgic Edison Style Light Bulb than in this... More 

Antique Rust Metal Tear Drop Pendant

CODE: 23NDP1023


The smooth, curvaceous lines of this pendant evoke an Art Nouveau style while the antique rust finish gives it a classic feel. Inside of this rotund,... More 

Flexible Flared Base Pendant Lamp

CODE: 23NNL2032


Like its cousin the Folding Wire Multi Design Pendant Lamp, this little beauty can change its shape whenever the mood strikes you! Flare the base out for a... More 

The Lovell Plug-In Wall Sconce



Channeling mid century style, the Lovell Plug-In Wall Sconce features a hand spun, cone-shaped shade that swivels 90 degrees and is affixed to a swivel arm... More 

The Downtown Minimalist Plug-In Sconce



A custom made light fixture with a convenient wall plug, our Downtown Minimalist Plug-In Sconce offers maximum style with minimum effort. Hang this plug-in... More 

Antique Funnel Pendant

CODE: 23NDP1025


At just over 11" wide, this funnel-shaped pendant is a great mid-sized light for home offices, sitting areas, or kitchens. It's antique rust finish lends a... More