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Modern Pendants

Modern Ceiling Lights

The Bubble Glass Cluster Pendant, Satin Black, Shown with 40w T8 Carbon Filament Bulb
The Bubble Glass Cluster Pendant

CODE: 134594.01C


The Bubble Glass 10-Light Pendant, Polished Chrome, Shown with 40w T8 Carbon Filament Bulb
The Bubble Glass 10-Light Pendant

CODE: 134598.01C


5-Light Bubble Glass Chandelier, Satin Black, Shown with 40w T8 Carbon Filament Bulb
The Bubble Glass Chandelier

CODE: 134595.25C


The Carlisle Chandelier
The Carlisle Chandelier

CODE: 134765.25


The Castillo Modern Glass Pendant, Satin Nickel, Clear Glass Shade
The Castillo Modern Glass Pendant

CODE: 133294


3-Light Lafayette Chandelier, 490-Magenta, SBK-Standard Black Cord
The Lafayette Multi-Light Chandelier



Small Krishna Pendant, Black Brass With Bronze Shade
The Krishna Pendant

CODE: 136021


3-Light Atomic Topless Chandelier, 390-Teal, CGG-Standard Cast Guard, CSBW-Black & White Cloth Cord, Frosted Glass
The Atomic Topless Multi-Light Chandelier



The Chelsea 3-Arm Pendant, Satin Black
The Chelsea 3-Arm Pendant

CODE: 134294


3-Light Raw Brass Chandelier, Canopy in 100-Black, TBK-Black Cotton Twist Cord, 30W Hairpin Edison Bulbs
The Raw Brass Multi-Light Chandelier



Chelsea 3-Light Pendant, Satin Black
The Chelsea Multi-Light Pendant

CODE: 134293


The Lily Modern Glass Pendant, Retro Brass, Smoke Bronze Glass, Shown with T9 Smoke Bulb (Not Included)
The Lily Modern Glass Pendant

CODE: 133196


The Carlisle 1-Light Pendant
The Carlisle Pendant

CODE: 134761.25


3-Light Ball Jar Chandelier, 300-Dark Green, CSGW - Gold & White Cloth Cord, 25W Victorian Edison Bulbs
The Ball Jar Multi-Light Chandelier



The Canal Street Soho Stem Mount Pendant, 420-Orange
The Canal Street SoHo Stem Mount Pendant



The Canal Street Soho Studio Light, 100-Black
The Canal Street SoHo Studio Light