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Modern Pendants

Modern Ceiling Lights

The Madrid Modern Cord Hung Pendant



Perfect for modern interiors, the Madrid Cord Hung Pendant features a mini-deep bowl shade that is spot-on for the industrial and urban lighting trend.... More 

The Raindrop Pendant

CODE: 134840


Adorn your ceilings with teardrop shaped pendant lights! The Raindrop Pendant features hand-blown glass, an adjustable cord, and can be customized with... More 

Outdoor Café String Lights

CODE: 18810001


Bring on the night and let the evening festivities begin under the glow of our heavy-duty Café String Lights! From wedding barn string lighting to... More 

The Chelsea Multi-Light Pendant

CODE: 134293


Industrial minimalism at its finest! With a slightly pared down style, the Chelsea Multi-Light Pendant hides the bulbs behind teardrop-shaped shades.... More 

The Downtown Minimalist Cord Pendant



Contemporary stylists regularly favor a stripped-down look, embracing minimalism in their designs. In terms of lighting this often means removing shades and... More 

The Houston Street SoHo Studio Light



In 1971 New York adjusted their zoning laws, allowing artists to live in their workspaces. This separated the SoHo district from its industrious past,... More 

The Bubble Glass Chandelier

CODE: 134595.25C


A twist on retro light fixtures, the Bubble Glass Chandelier channels iconic Sputnik style with multiple glass globes suspended on adjustable rods. Choose... More 

The Bubble Glass Cluster Pendant

CODE: 134594.01C


Take eclectic lighting to new heights with the Bubble Glass Cluster Pendant! Featuring 19 clear glass globes with a polished chrome finish, this modern... More 

The Chateau Modern Cord Hung Pendant



Injecting an unequaled elegance into classic industrial lighting fixtures, the Chateau Modern Cord Hung Pendant becomes an eye-catching piece in any space.... More 

The Tuscany Modern Cord Hung Pendant



Fitting into contemporary decors, the Tuscany Modern Cord Hung Pendant features an undersized warehouse shade, able to be hung alone or in groups. This... More 

The Canal Street SoHo Studio Light



Taking the traditional look of industrial lighting and giving it an artistic edge, this pendant truly embodies SoHo style. Although the SoHo aesthetic dates... More 

The Bonsai Modern Cord Hung Pendant



Hand crafted by our own artisans, the Bonsai Modern Cord Hung Pendant features a slightly flared shade to add a cultured edge to this minimalist light. This... More 

The Spheres Pendant

CODE: 133760


Break away from common modern lighting designs! The Spheres Pendant is a fantastic choice for retro or modern homes today. The large circular glass shade... More 

The Bubble Glass Pendant

CODE: 134591.01C


The Bubble Glass Pendant showcases modern glitz with its spherical glass globe and sleek, black silk covered cord. This contemporary glass ceiling light... More 

The Lafayette Street SoHo Stem Mount Pendant



The SoHo District of New York is home to one of the largest assortments of cast-iron buildings on the planet. Originally used as decorative coverings on... More 

The Canal Street SoHo Stem Mount Pendant



A new style developed throughout the 1960s and 70s. This looked combined chic, urban styles with industrial fixtures. This movement grew out of SoHo, New... More 

The Houston Street SoHo Stem Mount Pendant



Taking on the mix of artistic and industrial typically found in SoHo architecture, the Houston Street SoHo Stem Mount Pendant is a fashionable option.... More 

The Tuscany Modern Stem Mount Pendant



The Tuscany Modern Stem Mount Pendant features a sleek, minimalist bell silhouette that is perfect for contemporary kitchens. The durable stem mount makes... More 

The Canal Street SoHo Pendant



Our goal at Barn Light Electric is to bring the styles and durability found in vintage lighting to modern spaces. The industrial-edge found in the SoHo... More 

The Krishna Pendant

CODE: 136021


Shade Sizes:   Small Shade:  H 5" x Dia. 16"        Medium Shade: H 6" x Dia. 22"    ... More 

The Madrid Modern Stem Mount Pendant



Can't see to sort the whites? The Madrid Modern Stem Mount Pendant can light up your laundry room with ease! Or consider this stylish mini deep bowl pendant... More 

The Lafayette Street SoHo Studio Light



The latest addition to our Barn Pendant Collection, the Lafayette Street SoHo Studio Light gives an artistic vibe to our industrial lighting. Combining mini... More 

The Chateau Modern Stem Mount Pendant



Add an eye-catching detail to your residential or commercial lighting plan with the Chateau Modern Stem Mount Pendant. This hand crafted, mid century modern... More 

The Bonsai Modern Stem Mount Pendant



Inspired by vintage lighting fixtures discovered in old factories and warehouses, the Bonsai Modern Stem Mount Pendant flaunts modern styling and lots of... More 

The Houston Street SoHo Pendant



With an artistic twist on the classic gas station light, the Houston Street SoHo Pendant combines industrial styling with a shallow bowl shade for rustic... More 

The Lafayette Street SoHo Pendant



With a nod to its industrial and artsy roots, the Lafayette Street SoHo Pendant provides the perfect spot of light. Hung alone or in groups, this pendant... More 

The Wells Machine Age Chandelier



As an author H.G. Wells created imaginative worlds and thought up limitless possibilities for the future. His vision is largely what led to the steampunk... More 

The Ball Jar Multi-Light Chandelier



A perfect balance between contemporary styles and classic farmhouse lighting, the Ball Jar Multi-Light Chandelier provides a unique ceiling light suitable... More 

The Bubble Half-Mercury Glass Pendant

CODE: 134591.01H


This sparkling light is the perfect addition to your residential or commercial ighting plan! The Bubble Half-Mercury Glass Pendant combines a glass globe... More 

The Bubble Glass 10-Light Pendant

CODE: 134598.01C


The class and excitement of mid-century lighting can be yours with the Bubble Glass 10-Light Pendant! Ten atomic style bulbs shoot from polished chrome arms... More 

The Veronica Valencia Downtown Minimalist Cord Pendant



In the early 20th century, bare bulbs were commonplace in factories and manufacturing settings. Today many designers incorporate the look of bare bulb... More 

The Chelsea 3-Arm Pendant

CODE: 134294


Modern industrial styling abounds in the Chelsea 3-Arm Pendant! Featuring three glass bulbs springing out of a single silk cord mount, this urban style... More 

The Atomic Topless Multi-Light Chandelier



Integrating our industrial pendant lighting into a modern chandelier, the Atomic Topless Multi-Light Chandelier is truly one of a kind. Three Atomic Topless... More 

The Castillo Modern Glass Pendant

CODE: 133294


The Castillo breathes a fresh twist into modern lighting schemes with it's glass, deep bowl pendant suspended on a multi-cord and cable ceiling mount.... More 

The Downtown Minimalist Multi-Light Chandelier



Incorporating classic barn lighting into modern styles, the Downtown Minimalist Multi-Light Chandelier offers the best of both worlds—contemporary... More 

The Indy Industrial Multi-Light Chandelier



Taking inspiration from vintage pendant lighting, the Indy Industrial Multi-Light Chandelier truly is a Barn Light original. A striking ceiling light, the... More 

The Indy Porcelain Socket Multi-Light Chandelier



Bringing contemporary style to industrial pendant lighting, this multi-light chandelier combines either three or five Indy Porcelain Socket Pendants into a... More 

The Lafayette Multi-Light Chandelier



The sleek RLM warehouse shades and steel piping offered by other lighting fixtures in the Lafayette collection is now available in a multi-light chandelier.... More 

The Edward Machine Age Chandelier



The Machine Age era was characterized by the rapid growth of industry and the development of functional styles. Eventually adopted by the steampunk movement... More 

The Verne Machine Age Pendant



Named for Jules Verne — an author whose work directly inspired the steampunk movement — this Machine Age pendant lighting seeks to impart a... More 

The Raw Brass Multi-Light Chandelier



Featuring a raw brass socket, the Raw Brass Multi-Light Chandelier stands out from other lighting options, adding a classy dimension to multi-pendant... More 

The Kao Downtown Minimalist Pendant



The minimalist design of this cord hung lighting is amplified with a timeless porcelain ceramic canopy. Its sleek ceramic canopy provides a pop of color... More 

The Downtown Minimalist Copper Cord Pendant



Characterized by clean, simple aesthetics, modern lighting designs often embrace minimalism, removing the shades from fixtures and favoring bare bulbs. This... More 

The Santana Pendant

CODE: 30P1372


The Santana is almost elegant in its simplicity. This pendant consists of a conical shape with a closed bottom, concealing the bulb and creating a... More 

The Carlisle Chandelier

CODE: 134765.25


Also available as a pendant light , the Carlisle Chandelier slightly alters this distinctive look. Consisting of a square metal frame and four elegant... More 

The Celeste Modern Glass Pendant

CODE: 133190


One of the most visually arresting fixtures in our collection of modern pendants, the Celeste is sure to make a statement wherever it’s installed.... More 

The Carlisle Pendant

CODE: 134761.25


An urban take on modern pendant lighting, the Carlisle is an elegant centerpiece for any residential or commercial lighting scheme. This fixture consists of... More 

The Lily Modern Glass Pendant

CODE: 133196


The Lily Modern Glass Pendant is among the most visually dynamic fixtures we offer. Hung from stylish cord and mounting options, the Lily gifts an elegant... More