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Flush Mount Vintage Industrial Lighting

The Original™ Stem Mount Pendant 24" & 28"



A classic RLM light with roots in the early 20th century, the Original™ Stem Mount Pendant is now available in two larger sizes. This rugged,... More 

The Dean Clear Schoolhouse Stem Mount Light



The classic schoolhouse shade came into fashion in the early 20th century when bare bulbs were first covered by shades. Often seen in schoolhouses and... More 

Wire Guard Cord Hung Pendant



With loads of industrial styling and a nod to the nautical, the Wire Guard Cord Hung Pendant features a cast guard, glass and mini flare shade for a very... More 

The Chateau Modern Cord Hung Pendant



At a sleek 6" wide, the Chateau Modern Pendant makes an eye-catching lighting display, especially when hung in groups. Hand spun by American artisans, this... More 

The Skylark Shallow Bowl Cord Hung Pendant



Another American-made classic light fixture that will bring barn style and charm to your interior spaces! The Skylark Shallow Bowl Cord Hung Pendant offers... More 

The Wesco Vented Cord Hung Pendant Light



For a unique twist on classic barn lighting , hang the Wesco Vented Pendant! This stylish, deep bowl pendant is American made from commercial grade... More 

Edison Cloth Cord Aged Brass Pendant

CODE: 118001-AGB-WG


Bring back the style and elegance of early 20th century lighting with this brass cloth cord pendant.  With a beautiful cast wire cage and vintage... More 

Topless Wire Guard Pendant



This American made industrial pendant lighting is a terrific choice for commercial lighting venues such as restaurants, bars, and retail spaces. With an... More 

The Apollo 5 Light Chandelier



Add retro inspired kitchen lighting with the Apollo 5-light chandelier! This Atomic Age light fixture is American made and shows off industrial cast guards... More 

The Universal Cord Hung Pendant



Loads of modern styling in an economical and versatile pendant! The Universal Cord Hung Pendant comes in four shade sizes and, with a dozen different finish... More 

Distressed Metal Hammered Hanging Pendant

CODE: 23NDP1009


For those hooked on all things industrial, this Distressed Metal Hammered Pendant is loaded with industrial style! The 20"-wide, cord-hung pendant throws a... More 

The Orbiter 4 Light Chandelier



Those looking for an industrial-style chandelier that doesn't sacrifice style should look no further than the Orbiter 4 Light Chandelier. The glass and... More 

The Canal Street SoHo Studio Light



The ideal artistic loft light, the Canal Street SoHo Studio Light combines a flared RLM shade with an edgy cord and wire mount for a modern industrial... More 

The Maverick Exposed Bulb Flush Mount Light

CODE: 114080


Please note that the Aged Silver and Old Bronze finish are on backorder until November 3rd, unconfirmed, and Aged Brass finish is on backorder until... More 

Spokane Flush Mount Light

CODE: 116214


Shade Sizes: 14" Shade:  Dia 14 ¼" x   H 5"   16" Shade:  Dia 16 ¼" x H 5 ¾" ... More 

The Wesco Vented Chain Hung Pendant



The Wesco Vented Chain Hung Pendant features classic deep bowl styling suitable for living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens. The vents in this American made... More 

Fairfax School House Pendant

CODE: 111609


Shade Sizes: 09" Shade:  W   09" x Min. H 17" x Max H. 52" 12" Shade:  W 12" x Min. H 19" x Max H. 54"  ... More 

The Aviary Caged Mini Pendant

CODE: 30P1257TXB


Please note that this fixture is on backorder until November 28th, unconfirmed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  If you love... More 

The Alliance 3 Light Chandelier



The Alliance 3-Light Chandelier is full of industrial flair with its sturdy pipe mounting and cast guard and glass fixtures that reflect ample lighting in... More 

Edgerton Semi-Flush Ceiling Light

CODE: 114202


The Edgerton Semi Flush Mount Light has a fantastic traditional design that can be applied to many homes. This style of classic light fixture is perfect... More 

The Labrum Surface Mount

CODE: 133741


Shade Sizes:  9" Shade:  Dia. 9" x H 5" 12" Shade:  Dia 12" x H 5" 15" Shade:  Dia. 14 ½" x... More 

The Eclipse Copper Pendant



Skillfully crafted to imitate our larger period-authentic RLM light shades, the Eclipse Copper Pendant showcases a compactly sided warehouse shade. This... More 

The Banker 2 Light Chandelier



Inspired by the vintage lighting of midcentury ships, The Banker 2-Light Chandelier casts ample down light with its double wire guard and glass jar fixtures... More 

The Lafayette Street SoHo Stem Mount Pendant



The Lafayette Street SoHo Stem Mount Pendant offers rugged industrial styling with a stylish and sleek mini shade. American made and crafted from commercial... More 

The Bonsai Modern Cord Hung Pendant



Hand crafted by our own artisans, the Bonsai Modern Cord Hung Pendant features a slightly flared shade to add a cultured edge to this minimalist light. This... More 

The Circle B Flat Cone Chain Hung Pendant



Crafted for period authenticity, our Circle B Flat Cone Chain Hung Pendant channels vintage industrial factory lighting with a unique chain mount. Damp... More 

The Rugby Clear Schoolhouse Sconce



Charming American made lighting, the Rugby Schoolhouse Sconce features a hand-blown, clear glass globe mounted to slender gooseneck style wall mount. Taking... More 

The Brisbane Flush Mount Pendant



Got a tight space but don't want a bland, builder-basic light? Add some nautical style to your space with the Brisbane Flush Mount Pendant! With three shade... More 

The Urbanite Flared Wire Cage Pendant

CODE: 30P1252DBZ


Another variation on our Wire Cage Pendant and Scalloped Wire Cage Pendant , the Urbanite Flared Wire Cage Pendant offers a rugged, industrial look in a... More 

The Drake Stem Mount Pendant



The Drake Stem Mount Pendant mimics some of our larger warehouse shades but puts the traditional warehouse style into a smaller form. But don't let the size... More 

Urban Raw Copper Pendant - 2 1/4" Fitter



Material: Solid Raw Copper Glass: Frosted Square Shade Included Fixture Stem Length: 12" (Can Customize) Shade Fitter: 2 1/4"... More 

The Von Braun 4 Light Chandelier



The Von Braun 4-light reflector chandelier is the ideal fixture for industrial commercial lighting, or to add atomic barn style to a more modern space. This... More 

The Insider 2 Light Chandelier



The Insider 2-Light Chandelier combines an industrial edge with a hint of nautical flair. Its two rustic, guard-and-glass pendants are fixed to a track... More 

The Tuscany Modern Cord Hung Pendant



With a sleek, minimalist bell silhouette, the Tuscany Modern Cord Hung Pendant is ideal for kitchen islands, powder rooms, and breakfast nooks. With a... More 

The Fluted Shade Stem & Loop Pendant



Introduce vintage inspired lighting into your home with the Fluted Shade Stem & Loop Pendant! Beautifully hand crafted, this grooved shade is paired... More 

The Ashland Stem Mount Light



With the classic styling of a traditional RLM warehouse shade, the Ashland Stem Mount Light will provide a formal look to your dining room table, foyer, or... More 

The Tuscany Modern Stem Mount Pendant



The Tuscany Modern Stem Mount Pendant features a sleek, minimalist bell silhouette that is perfect for contemporary kitchens. The durable stem mount makes... More 

The Bubble Half-Mercury Glass 10-Light Pendant

CODE: 134598.01H


Glamorous lighting adds instant character to every room in the house! For mid century glam and some serious sparkle, try the Bubble Half-Mercury Glass... More 

The Maritime Copper Pendant



Incorporate some American made craftsmanship into your space with the Maritime Copper Pendant! Hand spun from vibrant raw copper by our own artisans, this... More 

The Spheres Pendant

CODE: 133760


Break away from common modern lighting designs! The Spheres Pendant is a fantastic choice for retro or modern homes today. The large circular glass shade... More 

The Metropolitan Mini Pendant

CODE: 30P1254DBZ


A mini version of the stunning Metropolitan Dual Finish Pendant, this mini pendant features the same teardrop shape for a sleek contemporary look in your... More 

Industrial Tanker Warehouse Pendant



Dimensions: 11 1/2" W x 7 3/4" H Tube: 12" Galvanized Flex Tube - Standard (Additional Lengths Available) Canopy: Galvanized Hang... More 

Atomic Wire Guard Stem Mount Pendant



Warehouse lighting for your home! The Atomic Wire Guard Stem Mount Pendant channels vintage industrial style with its rustic wire guard and jelly jar body... More 

The Chestnut Stem Mount Pendant



Taking a nod from early American barn lights, the Chestnut Stem Mount Pendant is a period style warehouse shade suspended in a sturdy mount that protects... More 

Atomic Industrial Guard Stem Mount Pendant



An American made light, the Atomic Industrial Guard Stem Mount Pendant weathers all climates with its industrial cast guard and glass body and mini... More 

The University 4-Light Schoolhouse Chandelier



Crafted by American artisans, the University 4-Light Schoolhouse Chandelier features rugged industrial arms and decorative glass globes customized with your... More 

The Vintage Dome Flush Mount

CODE: 114412


Need a ceiling hugging light but don't want to sacrifice on style? Check out this flush mount fixture with a glass dome shade. This orb ceiling light comes... More 

The Saturn-Vega 4 Light Chandelier



Inspired by Mid Century light fixtures, the Saturn-Vega shines brightly with streamline moderne style gooseneck arms and four cast guard and glass fixtures.... More 

The Mig - Retro Steel Industrial Pendant - Blue



Although these acetylene tank tops are no longer being used for their original purpose, they've found a new home as the shades of the Mig - Retro Steel... More 

Cherryvale Flush Mount Ceiling Light

CODE: 117509


Shade Sizes: 9" Shade:  W 9" x H 3 ½" 13" Shade:  W 13" x H 4 ½" 16" Shade:  W 16" x H 4... More