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Flush Mount Vintage Industrial Lighting

Antique Rust Metal Tear Drop Pendant

CODE: 23NDP1023


The smooth, curvaceous lines of this pendant evoke an Art Nouveau style while the antique rust finish gives it a classic feel. Inside of this rotund,... More 

Atomic Industrial Guard Stem Mount Pendant



An American made light, the Atomic Industrial Guard Stem Mount Pendant weathers all climates with its industrial cast guard and glass body and mini... More 

The Outer Banks Pendant

CODE: 12F3622


The Outer Banks Pendant offers rustic charm in an early electric style ceiling light. Suspended on a rustic chain-and-rope mount, the glass candelabra light... More 

The Fluted Shade Stem & Loop Pendant



Introduce vintage inspired lighting into your home with the Fluted Shade Stem & Loop Pendant! Beautifully hand crafted, this grooved shade is paired... More 

The Tuscany Modern Stem Mount Pendant



The Tuscany Modern Stem Mount Pendant features a sleek, minimalist bell silhouette that is perfect for contemporary kitchens. The durable stem mount makes... More 

The Chestnut Stem Mount Pendant



Taking a nod from early American barn lights, the Chestnut Stem Mount Pendant is a period style warehouse shade suspended in a sturdy mount that protects... More 

The Polaris 4 Light Chandelier



This streamline-moderne style chandelier features four cast guard-and-glass fixtures topped with mini warehouse shades all mounted to arching gooseneck... More 

Reardan Pendant Light

CODE: 114621


Additional Information: Shade Size: Dia.   6" x Min H. 10 ½" x Max H. 72 ½"  Mounting:  Stem Mounted... More 

Glass Tube Pendant Lamp

CODE: 23NNL1004


Like the bare bulb look? Check out this adaptation to that popular style! What better way to highlight a Nostalgic Edison Style Light Bulb than in this... More 

Metropolitan Mod Mushroom Mini Pendant

CODE: 30P1254BS


As the funky and fresh sister of the The Metropolitan Mini Pendant , the metallic contemporary Metropolitan Mod Mushroom Mini Pendant features the same... More 

The Executive 2 Light Chandelier



As classic warehouse lighting, the Executive 2 Light Chandelier offers industrial style to anywhere it's installed. Incorporating two nautical wire guards,... More 

Almena Flush Mount Ceiling Light

CODE: 11911


Shade Sizes: 13" Shade:  W 13" x H 4" 16" Shade:  W 16" x H 4" Additional Information: Mounting:... More 

Crystalline Surface Pendant

CODE: 134800


Additional Information: Shade Size: W 7" x H 7" x Ext. 6" Glass Size:  Dia. 7" x H 4 ½" Mounting: Flush Mount Canopy:... More 

The Mig - Retro Steel Industrial Pendant - Grey

CODE: BLE-MIG-008-Grey


The grey finish color on this Mig - Retro Steel Industrial Pendant gives it more of a rustic feel than the other fixtures in the Mig collection. Perfect for... More 

The Eclipse Stem Mount Light



Add the industrial farmhouse look to your interior or exterior lighting with the Eclipse Stem Mount Light. The Eclipse features a compact and custom made... More 

The Urbanite Tubular Wire and Glass Pendant

CODE: 30P1248BK


This funky cylinder pendant will give your kitchen island, bedroom, or office space an instant retro feel thanks to its industrial styling. The Tubular Wire... More 

The Chesapeake Bay Mirrored Pendant

CODE: 12F3144


Another excellent entry in our Chesapeake Bay collection, the Mirrored Pendant features hand-worked iron with the stem wrapped in natural manila rope for a... More 

The Original™ Chain Hung Pendant




Atomic Wire Guard Cord Hung Pendant



Looking for the perfect industrial touch for your home or commercial business? The Atomic Wire Guard Pendant outshines the rest with its mini saucer... More 

The Houston Street SoHo Stem Mount Pendant



Taking on the mix of artistic and industrial typically found in SoHo architecture, the Houston Street SoHo Stem Mount Pendant is a fashionable option.... More 

The Canal Street SoHo Stem Mount Pendant



The Canal Street SoHo Pendant brings industrial edge and city chic together in one fixture with its warehouse shade mounted to a rustic pipe stem... More 

The Astro Shallow Bowl Vented Cord Hung Pendant



For custom commercial and residential uplighting, try our Astro Shallow Bowl Vented Pendant! This stylish shallow bowl shade has small vents for added light... More 

The Raindrop 3-Light Pendant

CODE: 134843


Three glass teardrop lights glow in this eclectic version of the modern chandelier. Featuring hand-blown glass and customizing options such as clear glass,... More 

The Sydney Cord Hung Pendant



Get the hottest industrial look with the Sydney Cord Hung Pendant! This stylish pendant offers an uplight feature thanks to the cast guard and glass which... More 

The Krishna Pendant

CODE: 136021


Shade Sizes:   Small Shade:  H 5" x Dia. 16"        Medium Shade: H 6" x Dia. 22"    ... More 

Edison Cloth Cord Polished Nickel Pendant

CODE: 118001-PN


The Edison Cloth Cord Polished Nickel Pendant features a single socket and turn key switch. This vintage industrial light fixture features an early-electric... More 

The Merger 2 Light Chandelier



Bringing together both nautical and retro styles into a single ceiling pendant, the stunning Merger 2 Light Chandelier gives an industrial vibe anywhere... More 

The Corporation 2 Light Chandelier



Combining two cord hung pendants into a single lighting fixture, the Corporation 2 Light Chandelier brings modern, industrial style to your home or... More 

The Foundry 4 Light Chandelier



The Foundry presents a very industrial vibe with a hint of nautical style thrown in for good measure. This rustic chandelier features four cast guard and... More 

Mooreville Pendant Light

CODE: 117630


Shade Sizes & Max Wattage: 10" Shade:  Dia. 10" x   Min H. 18 ½" x Max H. 48 ½"     Max... More 

Bartlett Flush Mount Ceiling Light

CODE: 116713


Shade Sizes: 13" Shade:  Dia. 13 ¼" x H 7" 15" Shade:  Dia. 15 ¾" x H 7 ⅝" Additional... More 

The Bubble Glass Pendant

CODE: 134591.01C


The Bubble Glass Pendant showcases modern glitz with its spherical glass globe and sleek, black silk covered cord. This contemporary glass ceiling light... More 

Retro Basic Porcelain & Galvanized Pendant



At Barn Light Electric we came across several vintage Leviton Porcelain Keyless Ceiling Receptacles. We designed them into a galvanized stem mount light... More 

The Madrid Modern Stem Mount Pendant



Can't see to sort the whites? The Madrid Modern Stem Mount Pendant can light up your laundry room with ease! Or consider this stylish mini deep bowl pendant... More 

Flexible Flared Base Pendant Lamp

CODE: 23NNL2032


Like its cousin the Folding Wire Multi Design Pendant Lamp, this little beauty can change its shape whenever the mood strikes you! Flare the base out for a... More 

The Lafayette Street SoHo Studio Light



The latest addition to our Barn Pendant Collection, the Lafayette Street SoHo Studio Light gives an artistic vibe to our industrial lighting. Combining mini... More 

The Chestnut Copper Stem Mount Pendant



The stylish Chestnut Copper Stem Mount Pendant incorporates a hand-spun, raw copper barn light shade with modern mixed metal elements. With an early... More 

The Aldrin 4 Light Chandelier



Taking its inspiration from vintage lighting, the Aldrin 4 Light Chandelier incorporates classic styles into modern lighting. Casting ample light, this... More 

Industrial Guard Cord Hung Pendant



A mini flared shade tops a cast guard and glass in this nautical themed pendant light. Incorporate the Industrial Guard Cord Hung pendant into residential... More 

The Skylark Shallow Bowl Stem Mount Light



Dress up your porch with this classic light reminiscent of vintage factory lights from the 1930s. The stem mount on the Skylark Shallow Bowl Pendant keeps... More 

The Mogul 2 Light Chandelier



Nautical lighting fixtures get a dose of industrial farmhouse style with the Mogul 2 Light Chandelier! The sturdy stem mounting supports two wire guard and... More 

The Columbia Round Pendant Light

CODE: 113311


This round pendant is a glass ceiling light with the look of a vintage retro pendant but with contemporary touches. Choose from two shade sizes for this... More 

The Bainbridge Ceiling Flush Mount

CODE: 112612


Shade Size: W 10" x H 9 ¼" Mounting: Flush Mount Finish:  Aged Brass, Historic Bronze, Polished Nickel or Satin Nickel Glass:... More 

The Torch Pendant

CODE: 133030


Shade Sizes: 1 Light Shade:  H 14 ½" x Dia 3 ½"   Canopy:  5" Diameter 3 Light Shade: ... More 

The Ashland Chain Hung Pendant



For a classic barn light look with a vintage-inspired chain mounting, the Ashland Chain Hung Pendant adds a touch of modern styling to any space. With its... More 

Circle B Spoke Top Pendant



Our popular Circle B Flat Cone Reflector is sporting a new factory-style mounting. Featuring slender arms on the cup, this vintage style task light is... More 

The Astro Shallow Bowl Stem Mount Light



A traditional barn light shape modernized with a stacked neck design and flared base! The Astro Shallow Bowl Stem Mount Light looks right home in a... More 

The Mig - Retro Steel Industrial Pendant - Burnt Orange

CODE: BLE-MIG-008-BurntOrange


Upcycling at its best! The shades on all Mig-Retro Steel Industrial Pendants are made from the tops of old acetylene tanks, making a light that's as "green"... More 

Industrial Guard Stem Mount Pendant



A heavy duty ceiling light that has plenty of rustic style! The Industrial Guard Stem Mount Pendant combines a nautical cast guard and glass body with a... More 

The Canal Street SoHo Pendant



Inspired by industrial chic factory lights, the Canal Street SoHo Pendant incorporates a sleek shade with an ultra-industrial cord mount perfect for... More