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Schoolhouse Lights

Imbue the charm of period-authentic schoolhouse lighting with our pendant, sconce, and gooseneck schoolhouse lights.

The Intermediate Schoolhouse Semi-Flush Mount Light



Dress it up or dress it down! Our Intermediate Schoolhouse Semi-Flush Mount Light can take on any number of personalities thanks to the multiple finish... More 

The Mascot Schoolhouse Sconce



This decorative wall light combines the colorful charm of schoolhouse lighting with a compact wall sconce mount. Add this American made schoolhouse lights... More 

The Primary Schoolhouse Stem Mount Light



This vintage ceiling light gets a new twist with a painted band for added appeal! Choose from two shade sizes for your schoolhouse lighting. Then dress up... More 

The Elementary Schoolhouse Cord Hung Light



Casual, cord hung lighting is now available as classic, vintage lighting! The Elementary Schoolhouse Cord Hung Light is offered in two sizes and you can... More 

The Rudimentary Schoolhouse Flush Mount Light



The classic schoolhouse shade is now a space saver, available in a flush mount light! This ceiling light is perfect for tight spaces that still crave some... More 

The Principal Clear Schoolhouse Semi-Flush Mount Light



Give any space the look of vintage lighting with the Principal Clear Schoolhouse Semi-Flush Mounting Light. These beautiful hand-blown clear glass globes... More 

The Letterman Clear Schoolhouse Flush Mount Light



The clear glass globe of the Letterman Schoolhouse Flush Mount Light will showcase your Nostalgic Edison Style light bulb! This vintage schoolhouse ceiling... More 

The Secondary Schoolhouse Gooseneck Light



Schoolhouse lighting as a gooseneck light! A beautiful schoolhouse shade affixed to one of dozens of angles of gooseneck arms, creating one fantastic... More 

The Alma Mater 4-Light Schoolhouse Chandelier



Taking inspiration from vintage lighting, schoolhouse lighting is now available as a chandelier. The Alma Mater Schoolhouse Chandelier casts a nostalgic... More 

The Schoolhouse Chain Hung Pendant




The Sophomore 3-Light Clear Schoolhouse Vanity Light



The Sophomore 3-Light Schoolhouse Vanity Light features three clear schoolhouse globes suspended from a rugged wall mount. With a vintage look straight from... More 

The Schoolhouse Patina Copper Stem Light



The classic look of an early 20th century schoolhouse shade in a handsome stem mount fixture with a vintage patina finish! American made and offered in two... More 

Scalloped Glass Pendant Light

CODE: 30P1244BS


This Scalloped Glass Pendant offers a light and fanciful feeling with its white, wavy glass shade. Crafted from heavy duty steel with a Brushed Steel... More 

The Clear Schoolhouse Chain Hung Pendant




The Dean Clear Schoolhouse Stem Mount Light



The classic schoolhouse shade came into fashion in the early 20th century when bare bulbs were first covered by shades. Often seen in schoolhouses and... More 

The Scholar Clear Schoolhouse Cord Hung Light



Take a lesson from the Scholar Clear Schoolhouse Cord Hung Light! American made lighting, this schoolhouse light makes an ideal addition to any space's... More 

The Rugby Clear Schoolhouse Sconce



Charming American made lighting, the Rugby Schoolhouse Sconce features a hand-blown, clear glass globe mounted to slender gooseneck style wall mount. Taking... More 

The University 4-Light Schoolhouse Chandelier



Crafted by American artisans, the University 4-Light Schoolhouse Chandelier features rugged industrial arms and decorative glass globes customized with your... More 

Reardan Pendant Light

CODE: 114621


Additional Information: Shade Size: Dia.   6" x Min H. 10 ½" x Max H. 72 ½"  Mounting:  Stem Mounted... More 

Mooreville Pendant Light

CODE: 117630


Shade Sizes & Max Wattage: 10" Shade:  Dia. 10" x   Min H. 18 ½" x Max H. 48 ½"     Max... More 

The Schoolhouse Mahogany Brass Stem Light



A classic light that brings the charm of the early 20th century into your home! This beautiful schoolhouse shade offers a soft glow through its opal... More 

The Junior 4-Light Clear Schoolhouse Chandelier



Channeling large, 19th Century glass fixtures, our Junior 4-Light Schoolhouse Chandelier marries classic, clear glass schoolhouse globes with a... More 

Hillsboro School House Pendant Light

CODE: 113409


Hillsboro, Pendant Light, Hudson Valley, Vintage

The Freshman 2-Light Clear Schoolhouse Vanity Light



Bring a bright vintage look to your bath or powder room with the Freshman 2-Light Schoolhouse Vanity Light! With two clear glass schoolhouse globes affixed... More 

The Collegiate 2-Light Schoolhouse Vanity Light



Get twice the vintage charm with the Collegiate 2-Light Schoolhouse Vanity Light! Accent your schoolhouse shades with colorful bands for an instant classic... More 

The Graduate 3-Light Schoolhouse Vanity Light



The Graduate 3-Light Schoolhouse Vanity Light brightens up your bathroom or powder room with schoolhouse flair! Taking influence from vintage lighting,... More 

Fontana Semi-Flush Ceiling Light

CODE: 117631


Schoolhouse light fixtures like the Fontana Semi-Flush Ceiling Light feature a retro opal glass globe with a traditional ceiling mount. Meant for low... More 

The Art Deco Round Globe Schoolhouse Light

CODE: 118811


Please note the following backorder dates:  Small Shade: Aged Brass - January 4th, 2015 confirmed Polished Nickel -... More 

The Modern Schoolhouse Opal Glass Light

CODE: 30P1235RI


Inspired by the schoolhouse shades of the early 20th century, this ceiling light gives a modern take on a vintage favorite. Finished in a classic rustic... More 

The Academia Clear Schoolhouse Gooseneck Light



The Academia Schoolhouse Gooseneck Light takes all the charm of the early 20th century schoolhouse shades and pairs it with a classic gooseneck arm! This... More 

The Senior 4-Light Clear Schoolhouse Chandelier



A beautiful example of classic electric light fixtures from the early 20th century, the Senior 4-Light Schoolhouse Chandelier features curved, industrial... More 

The Flared Glass Schoolhouse Pendant

CODE: 30P1117


With smooth arching lines and classic finishes like Brushed Steel or Oil Rubbed Bronze, The Flared Glass Schoolhouse Pendant is a sensible addition to... More 

The Corinthian Glass Bronze Pendant

CODE: 30P1161CB


The Corinthian Glass Bronze Pendant's silhouette was designed to complement a variety of design aesthetics. Shiny Cream glass slopes in to a half dome shade... More 

The Belmont Pendant Light

CODE: 114222


Shade Sizes & Max Wattage:   12" Shade: Dia. 12" x   Min H. 12 ½" x Max H. 66 ½"     Max... More 

Contemporary Bronzed Stem Mount Pendant

CODE: 119111


With the classic look of a schoolhouse shade, the Contemporary Bronzed Stem Mount Pendant features a glass globe and metal shade. Available in three shade... More