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Schoolhouse Lights

Imbue the charm of period-authentic schoolhouse lighting with our pendant, sconce, and gooseneck schoolhouse lights.

Contemporary Bronzed Stem Mount Pendant, Old Bronze
Contemporary Bronzed Stem Mount Pendant

CODE: 119111


Fontana Semi Flush Ceiling Light, Satin Nickel
Fontana Semi-Flush Ceiling Light

CODE: 117631


9" Hillsboro Pendant, Old Bronze
Hillsboro School House Pendant Light

CODE: 113409


10" Mooreville Pendant, Satin Nickel
Mooreville Pendant Light

CODE: 117630


Reardan Pendant Light, Polished Nickel
Reardan Pendant Light

CODE: 114621


Scalloped Glass Pendant Light
Scalloped Glass Pendant Light

CODE: 30P1244BS


The Academia Schoolhouse Gooseneck Light, 975-Galvanized | G11 Gooseneck Arm | Small Glass | Nostalgic Edison-Style 1910 Era 60 Watt Light Bulb
The Academia Clear Schoolhouse Gooseneck Light



The Alma Mater 4-Light Schoolhouse Chandelier, 10" Shade with Single Stripe in 311-Jadite | Mounting in 975-Galvanized | Standard Canopy
The Alma Mater 4-Light Schoolhouse Chandelier



Large Semester Schoolhouse Globe Pendant Light, Aged Brass
The Art Deco Round Globe Schoolhouse Light

CODE: 118811


12" Belmont Pendant, Satin Nickel
The Belmont Pendant Light

CODE: 114222


Clear Schoolhouse Chain Hung Pendant, Fitter in 975-Galvanized, Triple Stripe Small Glass in 715-Delphite Blue, Delphite Chain and Standard White Cord
The Clear Schoolhouse Chain Hung Pendant



The Collegiate 2-Light Schoolhouse Vanity Light, 10" Shade with Single Stripe in 311-Jadite | Mounting in 100-Black | Side View
The Collegiate 2-Light Schoolhouse Vanity Light



The Corintian Glass Bronze Pendant
The Corinthian Glass Bronze Pendant

CODE: 30P1161CB


The Dean Schoolhouse Stem Mount Light, 600-Bronze | Large Glass | Shown with Nostalgic Edison 40 Watt G30 Light Bulb
The Dean Clear Schoolhouse Stem Mount Light



Elementary Schoolhouse Cord Hung Light, Large Shade, Galvanized, Single Black Stripe
The Elementary Schoolhouse Cord Hung Light



The Flared Glass Schoolhouse Pendant | Brushed Steel Finish
The Flared Glass Schoolhouse Pendant

CODE: 30P1117