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Vintage Pendants

The Wilmington Stem Light

CODE: 12F3228


Becoming an amalgam of industrial styles, the Wilmington Stem Mount incorporates a wide array of influences into its classic design. Affixed to a rugged... More 

Deep Bronze Suspended Pendant

CODE: 30P1147DBZ


If you’re looking for a fixture with more character and weight than most other options, you’ll love the Deep Bronze Suspended Pendant. With its... More 

The Brunswick Stem Mount

CODE: 12F2773


This vintage stem mount pendant boasts all of the classic details of industrial design with its sturdy pipe mounting and flared shade. With two shade sizes... More 

Sequestered Cage Pendant

CODE: 30P1240DAB


If you love an industrial look in your commercial lighting scheme, don't miss the Sequestered Cage Pendant. This wire cage pendant offers plenty of... More 

The Belhaven Stem Mount Pendant

CODE: 12F2946


With the same rugged look as the Belhaven Sconce, this matching Stem Mount Pendant is equally at home in damp locations like a screened porch or over the... More 

The Remington Uplight Factory Pendant

CODE: 116812


The Remington Uplight Factory Pendant adds elegant style to your home's lighting plan. Its classic deep bowl and cutouts cast both up and down light to... More 

The Hampton Chain Hung Globe Pendant

CODE: 11609


The Hampton Chain Hung Globe Pendant combines a durable, metallic cast shell with a half glass globe for softly diffused light. Available in three sizes and... More 

The Red-Eye Pendant

CODE: 12F3545


A delightful mini-shade affixed to a cord-and-cable mount makes this swag light's industrial styling perfect for boutique, dining room, and bar lighting.... More 

The Ranger Pendant

CODE: 118810


Relive the nostalgic Railroad Era! Inspired by whistle-stop electric lamps, The Ranger Pendant reflects 19th century station lights with a valve chain and... More 

The Einstein Chalkboard Pendant

CODE: 12F3653


Channel your inner genius with the Einstein Chalkboard Pendant! The industrial deep bowl shade is hand-formed with a salvaged zinc finish while the inside... More 

The Schoolhouse Copper Semi-Flush Mount Light



By incorporating copper into an already classic design, the nostalgic-feel of schoolhouse lighting is heightened. The schoolhouse shade casts a warm glow,... More 

The Kao Schoolhouse Pendant



Developed by Pass & Seymour, the Alabax fixtures incorporated ceramic porcelain into their designs. We've absorbed this classic design into our... More 

The Schoolhouse Copper Cord Hung Light



Schoolhouse lighting originated in the 1920s when lighting manufacturers began covering exposed bulbs with glass globes. Now integrating copper into its... More 

The Irving LED Factory Light

CODE: 119114


Please note that this fixture is on backorder until June 5th, unconfirmed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  The Irving LED... More 

The Kao Clear Schoolhouse Pendant



Showcasing the best of two unique lighting styles, the Kao Clear Schoolhouse Pendant marries schoolhouse lighting with ceramic Alabax fixtures. Separating... More 

The Clear Schoolhouse Copper Cord Hung Light



Conveying a timeless design, the Clear Schoolhouse Copper Cord Hung Light becomes an eye-catching addition to any space. Meeting kitchen lighting needs,... More 

The Clear Schoolhouse Copper Stem Mount Light



Incorporating elegant copper into its classic design, schoolhouse lighting becomes even more eye-catching. A clear schoolhouse shade is affixed to a rugged... More 

The Clear Schoolhouse Copper Semi-Flush Mount Light



Armed with the styles of vintage lighting, the Clear Schoolhouse Copper Semi Flush Mount Light provides a retro edge to any setting. The clear glass globe... More 

The Schoolhouse Copper Stem Mount Light



Shifting away from exposed bulbs, manufacturers began incorporating glass globes into their lighting designs in the early 20th century. This classic style... More 

The Schoolhouse Brass Cord Hung Light



Once found in government buildings, classrooms and libraries, schoolhouse lighting is now offered for installation in contemporary homes and businesses.... More 

The Clear Schoolhouse Brass Cord Hung Light



Schoolhouse lighting originated when manufacturers began covering bare bulbs with glass shades. This new type of pendant light was found in government... More 

The Schoolhouse Brass Stem Mount Light



Partnering vintage schoolhouse lighting with historic brass metal, this stem mounted pendant light adds a touch of sophistication to any home or business.... More 

The Clear Schoolhouse Brass Stem Mount Light



Joining the retro-appeal of schoolhouse lighting and the timeless metal brass into a single fixture, this pendant heightens the style of any setting.... More 

The Lucia Semi Flush Pendant

CODE: 11200


Decorating hallways, basements, and similar undersized areas is one of the biggest challenges of any renovation. Fixtures fitting tighter spatial... More 

The Jenelle Pendant

CODE: 30P1282


Giving historic, warehouse fixtures a contemporary update, the Jenelle Pendant is heavily influenced by warehouse lighting. Industrial-inspired flourishes... More 

The Piers Stem Mount Pendant

CODE: 30P1351


Condensing the Piers Chandelier's look into a single pendant, this fixture delivers a similar impactful style. Based on early 20th century industrial... More 

The Lennox Pendant

CODE: 118109


First introduced as streetlights in early 20th century French towns, the Lennox’s style has endured for years. Translating this storied structure into... More 

The Healy Chain Hung Pendant

CODE: 112216


A modern fixture with classic sensibilities! The Healy pays homage to an era marked by innovation and advancements: the Machine Age. Applying industrial... More 

The Lucia Chain Hung Pendant

CODE: 11210


Finding the perfect finishing piece is one of the last obstacles you’ll face when renovating your home or business. There are so many different... More