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Vintage Pendants

The Schoolhouse Brass Cord Hung Light



Once found in government buildings, classrooms and libraries, schoolhouse lighting is now offered for installation in contemporary homes and businesses.... More 

The Clear Schoolhouse Brass Cord Hung Light



Schoolhouse lighting originated when manufacturers began covering bare bulbs with glass shades. This new type of pendant light was found in government... More 

The Schoolhouse Brass Stem Mount Light



Partnering vintage schoolhouse lighting with historic brass metal, this stem mounted pendant light adds a touch of sophistication to any home or business.... More 

The Clear Schoolhouse Brass Stem Mount Light



Joining the retro-appeal of schoolhouse lighting and the timeless metal brass into a single fixture, this pendant heightens the style of any setting.... More 

The Lucia Semi Flush Pendant

CODE: 11200


Decorating hallways, basements, and similar undersized areas is one of the biggest challenges of any renovation. Fixtures fitting tighter spatial... More 

The Jenelle Pendant

CODE: 30P1282


Giving historic, warehouse fixtures a contemporary update, the Jenelle Pendant is heavily influenced by warehouse lighting. Industrial-inspired flourishes... More 

The Piers Stem Mount Pendant

CODE: 30P1351


Condensing the Piers Chandelier's look into a single pendant, this fixture delivers a similar impactful style. Based on early 20th century industrial... More 

The Lennox Pendant

CODE: 118109


First introduced as streetlights in early 20th century French towns, the Lennox’s style has endured for years. Translating this storied structure into... More 

The Lucia Chain Hung Pendant

CODE: 11210


Finding the perfect finishing piece is one of the last obstacles you’ll face when renovating your home or business. There are so many different... More 

The Healy Chain Hung Pendant

CODE: 112216


A modern fixture with classic sensibilities! The Healy pays homage to an era marked by innovation and advancements: the Machine Age. Applying industrial... More