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Flush Mount Lighting

Shop Flush Mount Lighting - From Semi-Flush Warehouse Lights to Vintage Drum Lights

The Original™ Warehouse Flush Mount Pendant



For low ceilings, flush mount pendant lighting is an excellent alternative to harsh fluorescents--and is far more stylish! This industrial lighting... More 

The Intermediate Schoolhouse Semi-Flush Mount Light



Dress it up or dress it down! Our Intermediate Schoolhouse Semi-Flush Mount Light can take on any number of personalities thanks to the multiple finish... More 

The Bullet Cast Guard



Join the Rustic Revolution with this wall and ceiling-hugging sconce! Inspired by nautical CGUs, this compact, yet stylish sconce offers plenty of light... More 

Cottonwood Flush Mount Ceiling Light

CODE: 113322


Flush mount lighting at its stylish, the Cottonwood Ceiling Light adds to the decor of any space. Perfect for hallways or family rooms with low-hanging... More 

The Rudimentary Schoolhouse Flush Mount Light



The classic schoolhouse shade is now a space saver, available in a flush mount light! This ceiling light is perfect for tight spaces that still crave some... More 

The Bullet Wire Guard



Rustic lighting at its most stylish! As a wall sconce this compact, yet stylish, rugged lighting fixture adds a hint of nautical and industrial flavor to... More 

The Principal Clear Schoolhouse Semi-Flush Mount Light



Give any space the look of vintage lighting with the Principal Clear Schoolhouse Semi-Flush Mounting Light. These beautiful hand-blown clear glass globes... More 

The Satchmo Drum Flush Mount

CODE: 30OL7613


Taking its name from one of Louis Armstrong's famous nicknames, the Satchmo Drum Flush Mount carries a distinct style and presence that brightens any room.... More 

The Letterman Clear Schoolhouse Flush Mount Light



The clear glass globe of the Letterman Schoolhouse Flush Mount Light will showcase your Nostalgic Edison Style light bulb! This vintage schoolhouse ceiling... More 

Barnes Flush Mount Ceiling Light

CODE: 116510


Flush mount lights , also known as surface mounts, can provide both a modern/ streamlined look or a classic & traditional look. The frosted glass will... More 

The Wallaby Industrial Flush Mount Pendant



Bring a touch of early 20th century vintage industrial lighting to your loft, cabin, or mid-century home with the Wallaby Industrial Flush Mount Pendant.... More 

The Maverick Exposed Bulb Flush Mount Light

CODE: 114080


Typically exposed bulb flush mount lights are bland, blending into your decor. They're used as utilitarian lighting — brightening your spaces, but not... More 

Edgerton Semi-Flush Ceiling Light

CODE: 114202


The Edgerton Semi Flush Mount Light has a fantastic traditional design that can be applied to many homes. This style of classic light fixture is perfect... More 

Spokane Flush Mount Light

CODE: 116214


Shade Sizes: 14" Shade:  Dia 14 ¼" x   H 5"   16" Shade:  Dia 16 ¼" x H 5 ¾" ... More 

The Labrum Surface Mount

CODE: 133741


Shade Sizes:  9" Shade:  Dia. 9" x H 5" 12" Shade:  Dia 12" x H 5" 15" Shade:  Dia. 14 ½" x... More 

The Brisbane Flush Mount Pendant



Got a tight space but don't want a bland, builder-basic light? Add some nautical style to your space with the Brisbane Flush Mount Pendant! With three shade... More 

Forged Iron Semi Flush Wall Light



Love the look of a chandelier but hampered by low ceilings? Check out the semi flush Forged Iron Wall Light which features a rugged steel framework... More 

Cherryvale Flush Mount Ceiling Light

CODE: 117509


Shade Sizes: 9" Shade:  W 9" x H 3 ½" 13" Shade:  W 13" x H 4 ½" 16" Shade:  W 16" x H 4... More 

Contemporary Bronzed Semi-Flush Mount

CODE: 119101


Too often the style of flush mount lighting is underdeveloped. Fixtures may illuminate dark spaces, but the look is utilitarian— blending into the... More 

The Vintage Dome Flush Mount

CODE: 114412


Need a ceiling hugging light but don't want to sacrifice on style? Check out this flush mount fixture with a glass dome shade. This orb ceiling light comes... More 

Crystalline Surface Pendant

CODE: 134800


Additional Information: Shade Size: W 7" x H 7" x Ext. 6" Glass Size:  Dia. 7" x H 4 ½" Mounting: Flush Mount Canopy:... More 

Almena Flush Mount Ceiling Light

CODE: 11911


Shade Sizes: 13" Shade:  W 13" x H 4" 16" Shade:  W 16" x H 4" Additional Information: Mounting:... More 

Bartlett Flush Mount Ceiling Light

CODE: 116713


Shade Sizes: 13" Shade:  Dia. 13 ¼" x H 7" 15" Shade:  Dia. 15 ¾" x H 7 ⅝" Additional... More 

The Bainbridge Ceiling Flush Mount

CODE: 112612


Shade Size: W 10" x H 9 ¼" Mounting: Flush Mount Finish:  Aged Brass, Historic Bronze, Polished Nickel or Satin Nickel Glass:... More 

Beloit Flush Mount Ceiling Light

CODE: 11203


Shade Sizes: 13" Shade:  W 12 ½" x H 8" 16" Shade:  W 15 ½" x H 9" Additional Information:... More 

The Brisbane Industrial Flush Mount Pendant



Tight spaces can be difficult to light but the Brisbane Industrial Flush Mount Pendant provides a stylish answer to this decorating problem! With three... More 

Halstead Semi-Flush Ceiling Light

CODE: 11780


An elegant flush mount light that can bring beauty and sophistication to bathrooms, hallways and entryways. Because of its semi flush mount design, it can... More 

The Sydney Flush Mount Pendant



The Sydney Flush Mount Pendant combines nautical styling with an industrial warehouse shade to create a truly unique uplight. Gentle light spreads over the... More 

Haysville Semi-Flush Ceiling Light

CODE: 113011


Shade Size: W 5 ¾" x H 13" Mounting: Semi-Flush Mount Finishs: Antique Nickel, Old Bronze or Polished Nickel Max Wattage Per... More 

The Sydney Industrial Flush Mount Pendant



Finally, a flush mount pendant with loads of industrial style for both residential and commercial lighting venues! The American made Sydney Industrial Flush... More 

The Falmouth Entry Light

CODE: 164104


Tight spaces often require flush-mounted fixtures but who says you have to sacrifice style? The Falmouth Entry Light is a handsome addition to hallways,... More 

Fontana Semi-Flush Ceiling Light

CODE: 117631


Schoolhouse light fixtures like the Fontana Semi-Flush Ceiling Light feature a retro opal glass globe with a traditional ceiling mount. Meant for low... More 

The Jupiter Inlet Flush Mount Ceiling Light

CODE: 30OL2213


With the classic styling of a marine lantern, this flush mount ceiling light brings nautical flavor to any bedroom, bath, or foyer! Available in two finish... More 

The Wallaby Flush Mount Pendant



Got a tight space or low ceiling that needs some brightening? The Wallaby Flush Mount Pendant offers loads of industrial style in a fixture designed to rest... More 

The Maverick Drum Shade Flush Mount Light

CODE: 111109


The Maverick Drum Shade is a transitional flush mount ceiling light that transforms western icons into modern lighting! This rustic eco paper drum light... More 

The New England Flush Mount

CODE: 11931


This square, flush mount fixture is a contemporary glass shade that comes in two sizes with either two or three lights. Available in three traditional... More 

The Suburban Flush Mount Ceiling Light

CODE: 30OL7513


Looking for a flush mount light with some classic style? Don't miss the Suburban Flush Mount Ceiling Light! Similar to a drum light, this ceiling light is... More 

The Outback Flush Mount Pendant



Enjoy the look a nautical cast guard-and-glass fixture as space-saving flush mount lighting! Perfect for low ceilings and tight spaces, the Outback Flush... More 

The Outback Industrial Flush Mount Pendant



The Outback Industrial Flush Mount Pendant is inspired by nautical and vintage lighting, perfect for shallow ceilings and narrow hallways. With its... More 

The Greyson Flush Mount Light

CODE: 12C3890


Illuminate hallways and rooms with low ceilings with the Greyson Flush Mount Light. This classic flush mount pendant is crafted from hand-worked iron and... More 

The Huntsman Drum Flush Mount Light

CODE: 12C2880


With an intricate design of graphite and silver branches that wrap around a drum light, The Huntsman is a perfect flush mount pendant to add woodsy charm to... More 

The Kao Flush Mount



The design of this flush mount pendant dates back to the lighting fixtures originally manufactured by Pass & Seymour. Adding its unique style to... More 

The Kao Schoolhouse Flush Mount



Bringing together the vintage look of schoolhouse lighting and ceramic porcelain mountings, the Kao Schoolhouse Flush Mount gives any room a stylish new... More 

The Kao Clear Schoolhouse Flush Mount



Putting our spin on vintage lighting, we've combined schoolhouse lighting and timeless ceramic mountings in the Kao Schoolhouse Flush Mount! Bound to a... More 

The Clear Schoolhouse Copper Semi-Flush Mount Light



Armed with the styles of vintage lighting, the Clear Schoolhouse Copper Semi Flush Mount Light provides a retro edge to any setting. The clear glass globe... More 

The Schoolhouse Copper Semi-Flush Mount Light



By incorporating copper into an already classic design, the nostalgic-feel of schoolhouse lighting is heightened. The schoolhouse shade casts a warm glow,... More