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Vintage Accessories

Vintage Accessories


Oval Mirror | Polished Brass

CODE: U-2556-PB

$460.00   $230.00

Information: Finish:  Polished Brass Fixture Height:  18 ¼” Fixture Width:  12 7/8” Note:... More 

Vintage Blown Glass Gio Ponti Dodecahedron

CODE: V-396


 These Vintage Glass Dodecahedrons are handblown and were designed by Italian Architect Gio Ponti. These beautiful glass fixtures were designed... More 

Surface Mounted Medicine Cabinet-White Lacquer

CODE: U-2561-WL


Information: Finish: White Lacquered Length: 22 1/4" Width: 5 1/2" Height: 27 3/4" Note: Mounting hardware NOT... More 

Rockefeller Glass Towel Bar | Satin Nickel

CODE: U-2104-SN

$615.00   $307.50

Information: Finish: Satin Nickel Length: 24 3/8" Width: 3 1/2" Height: 3 3/4" Note: Hardware NOT included... More 

Nantucket Wall Mounted Toiletry Shelf | Polished Brass

CODE: U-20032-PB

$260.00   $130.00

Information: Finish: Polished Brass Length: 8 ½”   Width: 4" Height: 5½” Note:... More 

Solid Brass Altar Candlesticks | Polished Brass

CODE: U-7077-PB


Information: Finish: Polished Brass Height: 14" Width: 5 3/4" Note: Candle NOT Included Note: Price includes set... More 

Vintage Polished Nickel Torchiere Floor Lamp

CODE: V-387


Derived from a candelabra style floor lamp in the 17th century, this Torchiere lamp would make a perfect choice to bring to light your favorite reading... More 

Desert-Air Lamp Co. Vintage Industrial Heat Lamp

CODE: V-412


The Desert-Air Lamp Company Heat Lamp is an authentic vintage floor lamp with original wiring, cord, and manufacturing stickers. Rugged enough for... More 

Curved Leg Table | Polished Brass

CODE: U-5005-PB

$670.00   $335.00

Product Details: Finish:  Polished Brass Width:  20 3/4" Height:  19 3/4" Note:  This fixture is an... More 

Straight Leg Table | Polished Brass

CODE: U-5006-PB

$640.00   $320.00

Product Details: Finish:  Polished Brass Width:  20 3/4" Height:  17 1/2" Note:  This fixture is an... More 

Vintage Blue Cronin Pottery Tulip Pitcher

CODE: V-H-052


Is it Cameron or is it Cronin? The debate continues over popular pottery crafted in the mid 20th century by American manufacturers Cronin Pottery and... More 

Vintage Porcelain Enamel Diaper Pail

CODE: V-H-024


This vintage diaper pail is a practical, American made enamel accessory showcasing the original "Federal" brand sticker. Featuring a white porcelain enamel... More 

Vintage Le Creuset French Enamel Dutch Oven

CODE: V-H-061


An early example of Le Creuset cookware, this Enzo Mari La Mama porcelain enamel dutch oven is in beautiful working condition. Featuring a burnt orange... More 

Vintage Hall Brown Ceramic Pedestal Mugs - Set of 2

CODE: V-H-059


Originally used as a retro Irish Coffee gift set, this pair of Vintage Hall Brown Pedestal Mugs features a rich chocolate brown finish. These retro ceramic... More 

Vintage Fenton Satin Glass Water Lily Planter

CODE: V-H-062


This vibrant Jardiniere comes from Fenton's Water Lily Satin Glassware collection. Featuring a bright, lime green finish and a delicate vintage design, this... More 

Vintage Grey 'Kondor' Brand Porcelain Graniteware Soup Bowl

CODE: V-H-030


From vintage soup bowl to stylish enamel catch-all dish by the front door, this antique Grey 'Kondor' Porcelain Graniteware Bowl makes a beautiful... More