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Vintage Housewares

Vintage Porcelain Enamel Pan | White with Cobalt Rim

CODE: V-H-001


SOLD. This product is not for sale | Please check back soon for more inventory! Relive the Atomic Age with this Vintage Porcelain Enamel Pan! The... More 

Vintage Porcelain Enamel Roasting Pan | White with Cobalt Rim

CODE: V-H-003


SOLD. This product is not for sale | Please check back soon for more inventory! Relive the Atomic Age with this Vintage Porcelain Enamel Roasting Pan!... More 

Vintage Meat Pounder with Mint Handle

CODE: V-H-011


SOLD. This product is not for sale | Please check back soon for more inventory! - See more at:... More 

Mint Green Vintage Ricer Press

CODE: V-H-020


Add this Vintage Ricer Press to your retro cookware collection! Potato ricers are used in many cultures to create dishes from Norwegian flatbread and German... More 

Primitive Blue Graniteware Wash Basin

CODE: V-H-029


First produced in this country in the late 1800s, graniteware was an instant hit with housewives who appreciated its functionality and unique style. This... More 

Vintage Pyrex Yellow 4 Quart Bowl

CODE: V-H-022


Baking is a joy with this lovely vintage Pyrex mixing bowl! It's zesty yellow finish from their mid-century Primary Color Line is as bright as ever and... More 

Antique Mini 'Safetee' Brand Medicine/Shaving Cabinet

CODE: V-H-046


The Safetee brand was a trusted resource for vintage shaving kit storage in the early 20th century. This Antique Mini Shaving Cabinet, with a cream and mint... More 

Vintage Porcelain Enamel Diaper Pail

CODE: V-H-024


This vintage diaper pail is a practical, American made enamel accessory showcasing the original "Federal" brand sticker. Featuring a white porcelain enamel... More 

Vintage Blue Cronin Pottery Tulip Pitcher

CODE: V-H-052


Is it Cameron or is it Cronin? The debate continues over popular pottery crafted in the mid 20th century by American manufacturers Cronin Pottery and... More 

Vintage Grey 'Kondor' Brand Porcelain Graniteware Soup Bowl

CODE: V-H-030


From vintage soup bowl to stylish enamel catch-all dish by the front door, this antique Grey 'Kondor' Porcelain Graniteware Bowl makes a beautiful... More 

Vintage Hall Brown Ceramic Pedestal Mugs - Set of 2

CODE: V-H-059


Originally used as a retro Irish Coffee gift set, this pair of Vintage Hall Brown Pedestal Mugs features a rich chocolate brown finish. These retro ceramic... More 

Vintage Striped Porcelain Enamel Wash Basin and Pitcher

CODE: V-H-045


The unusual finish on this Vintage Striped Porcelain Enamel Wash Basin and Pitcher will make it an instant conversation piece. The brown and cream vertical... More 

Vintage Le Creuset French Enamel Dutch Oven

CODE: V-H-061


An early example of Le Creuset cookware, this Enzo Mari La Mama porcelain enamel dutch oven is in beautiful working condition. Featuring a burnt orange... More 

Vintage Fenton Satin Glass Water Lily Planter

CODE: V-H-062


This vibrant Jardiniere comes from Fenton's Water Lily Satin Glassware collection. Featuring a bright, lime green finish and a delicate vintage design, this... More 

Small Painted Steel Flower Frog

CODE: V-H-049


Add this petite, vintage green painted flower frog to your collection! Used for centuries to help create floral arrangements, flower frogs are as useful... More 

Vintage Pyrex Blue 4 Quart Bowl

CODE: V-H-023


The vibrant blue of this 4-quart mixing bowl comes from Pyrex's Primary Colors collection and is ready to hold your modern confections! With two handles for... More 

Vintage Glass Syrup Dispenser with Metal Flap Top

CODE: V-H-058


This tall Vintage Glass Syrup Dispenser was once used as in a diner to pour warm maple goodness over a stack of pancakes! The pressed glass body of this... More 

Oval Metal Flower Frog | Vintage Green

CODE: V-H-004


SOLD! This product is not for sale. Please check back soon for more vintage inventory! The Oval Flower Frog in vintage green is perfect for holding small... More 

Vintage Hocking Style Depression Glass Biscuit Jar

CODE: V-H-037


The 1930s saw the height of the Depression and glass companies such as Hocking Glass brought a bit of cheer into homes with their depression glass products.... More 

Vintage 'Presto' Brand Egg Timer

CODE: V-H-044


Though this mid-century Presto Egg Timer probably saved many an egg from overcooking back in the day, this darling vintage tool is now more suitable as a... More 

Solid Steel Flower Frog

CODE: V-H-047


Flower frogs first appeared in Europe in the 16th century and have long been used at the bottom of a vase to hold flower stems in place. This solid steel,... More 

Large Solid Steel Flower Frog

CODE: V-H-050


Flower frogs have been used for centuries to help create beautiful floral displays. This Solid Steel Flower Frog is still perfect for holding stems straight... More 

Vintage Brown Enamelware Soup Bowl

CODE: V-H-033


Once used to serve hot soup in in historic homes, this Vintage Brown Enamelware Soup Bowl has been preserved for modern enjoyment! Thanks to the highly... More 

Vintage White Enamelware Soup Bowl with Cobalt Rim

CODE: V-H-032


Porcelain enamel is one of the most durable finishes you can buy and has been favored by cooks for decades! This beautiful vintage bowl, a staple for... More 

Vintage Fiestaware Individual Creamer | Shamrock Green

CODE: V-H-053


Part of Fiestaware's mid-century ceramic collection, this ring-style creamer sports a fresh Shamrock Green finish. Put it to use in your kitchen's coffee... More 

Vintage Carving Fork with Green Wooden Handle

CODE: V-H-013


This Vintage Carving Fork will make meal serving a breeze! With two metal prongs and a beautiful patina consistent with light use and age, this antique... More 

Vintage Whisk with Red Wood Handle

CODE: V-H-027


A staple in early 20th century kitchens, the whisk was most often used to beat eggs and fluff milk. This Vintage Whisk would make a lovely addition to any... More 

Pressed Glass Flower Frog

CODE: V-H-038


Make floral arrangements like a pro with this Vintage Pressed Glass Flower Frog! Eleven holes in the pressed glass base give support and perfect spacing to... More 

Vintage Metal Flower Frog Painted Steel Stand

CODE: V-H-048


Used for centuries to hold flower stems in place, flower frogs are still used today for collecting and display. This painted flower frog with its cast metal... More 

Vintage Tin 2-Piece Melon Mold

CODE: V-H-056


Surprise your favorite antique collector with an original antique pudding melon mold! Though English steamed desserts are long gone from the dinner table,... More 

Antique Pressed Glass Flower Frog PAT'D 1916

CODE: V-H-051


This lovely Antique Pressed Glass Flower Frog is almost too beautiful to hide in a vase! But if you love making floral arrangements, this vintage flower... More