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Large Solid Steel Flower Frog

CODE: V-H-050

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Product Details

Flower frogs have been used for centuries to help create beautiful floral displays. This Solid Steel Flower Frog is still perfect for holding stems straight in a vase or displaying card collections. Its large circular shape makes a sturdy base for floral arrangements or as a simple vintage accessory.


  • Dimensions: W 3" x H ¾" 
  • Finish: Solid Steel
  • Condition: Good

Antique Condition Guide:

  • Excellent: New/Old Stock | No dents, dings, or finish missing.
  • Good: Minor scratches, dings and signs of Age | Minor finish chips, but functional.
  • Fair: Scratches, small dents and signs of age | Finish chips or cracks, use with care.
  • Poor: We Do Not Sell!


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