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Anchorage Bulkhead Wall Mount Light Fixture



Portholes provide sea lovers a window to the world while inside their cabins, but while you’re out and about around the ship, the Anchorage Bulkhead... More 

The Laramie Wall Sconce



The traditional barn light sconce you love embellished with western flair. The Laramie is a decorative and Western-style wall sconce that stands out with... More 

Atomic Industrial Guard Sconce



One of our top-selling rustic wall sconces, the Atomic Industrial Guard Sconce combines a nautical top with industrial cast guard body for an edgy look.... More 

Streamline Industrial Guard Sconce



With a nod to its nautical roots, the Streamline Industrial Guard Sconce is ideal for outdoor use in harsh weather or for indoor settings such as bathrooms,... More 

Alston Wall Sconce

CODE: 118000-MS1


To obtain the same classic styles found years ago, the Alston Wall Sconce may be what you’re searching for. The flared shade allows for light to... More 

Amidships Bulkhead Wall Mount Light Fixture



You don't have to live in a water front or coastal community to utilize the Amidships Bulkhead Wall Mount light fixture. Our various finish styles... More 

The Mascot Schoolhouse Sconce



This decorative wall light combines the colorful charm of schoolhouse lighting with a compact wall sconce mount. Add the American made Mascot Schoolhouse... More 

The Houston Street SoHo Sconce



With a shallow warehouse shade and a rugged neck mounting, the Houston Street SoHo Sconce is perfect for commercial lighting needs such as warehouses,... More 

Atomic Topless Double Market Industrial Guard Sconce



A truly rugged industrial vanity light, the Atomic Topless Double Market Industrial Guard Sconce adds a rustic edge to your space with its heavy duty cast... More 

Universal 2-Light Vanity Sconce



  • Heavy Duty & Commercial Grade
  • Multiple Gooseneck Options
  • Multiple Finish Options
  • Made in the U.S.A. (Not an Import)

The Chesapeake Bay Mirrored Gooseneck Sconce

CODE: 12B3142


A classic gooseneck sconce with vintage overtones would work well in almost any style home from a colonial to a country cottage to an urban apartment.... More 

The Jupiter Inlet Wall Sconce

CODE: 30OL2200


The Jupiter Inlet Wall Sconce combines sophisticated lines with a little nautical twist. With its frosted glass and burnished bronze or brush steel finish,... More 

The Jamestown Contemporary Sconce

CODE: 12B3331


A hand-worked wrought iron lantern body surrounds beautiful opal glass to create a traditional wall sconce that complements interior and exterior lighting... More 

The Heirloom Candelabra Sconce

CODE: 12B3420


The striking Heirloom Candelabra Sconce takes its design from 18th-century Colonial fixtures but has modern day convenience like tabs for easy cleaning.... More 

The Sophomore 3-Light Clear Schoolhouse Vanity Light



The Sophomore 3-Light Schoolhouse Vanity Light features three clear schoolhouse globes suspended from a rugged wall mount. With a vintage look straight from... More 

The Ellsworth Candelabra Sconce

CODE: 12B2971


Add some elegance to your entryway or foyer with the Ellsworth Candelabra Sconce! Showcasing two candelabra light sockets encased in clear glass and a... More 

Austin Wall Sconce



  • Heavy Duty & Commercial Grade
  • Multiple Gooseneck Options
  • Multiple Finish Options
  • Made in the U.S.A. (Not an Import)

The Insider 2 Light Chandelier



The Insider 2-Light Chandelier combines an industrial edge with a hint of nautical flair. Its two rustic, guard-and-glass pendants are fixed to a track... More 

The Rugby Clear Schoolhouse Sconce



This charming American made wall sconce features an hand-blown, clear glass globe mounted to slender gooseneck style style wall mount. Consider this early... More 

The Corporation 2 Light Chandelier



Looking for track lighting with some real style? Check out The Corporation chandelier featuring two cord-hung wire guard and glass fixtures fixed to... More 

The Executive 2 Light Chandelier



Don't hire a rookie for an executive job! The Executive double light chandelier features nautical wire guards paired with RLM style shades -- perfect for... More 

Industrial Guard Sconce



Jump on the industrial bandwagon with this maritime light that combines a protective guard-and-glass body with a mini flared shade. This heavy duty wall... More 

The Bowie Wall Sconce



With the same styling as our larger gooseneck lights, this compact, miniature wall sconce remains American made and fully customizable. The Bowie Wall... More 

Barn Light Mini Artesia Wall Sconce



Additional Information: Shade Size: W 6" x OAH 8" Finish:  Multiple (See Finish Options) Mounting: Multiple (See Mounting Options)... More 

Atomic Topless Streamline Industrial Guard Sconce



Inspired by 1930's Streamline Modern style, this period sconce features sleek rounded corners and horizontal grooves. American made from commercial grade... More 

The Fargo Wall Sconce



With loads of industrial styling, the Fargo Wall Sconce has all the charm of a larger deep-bowl shade in a compact 5" size! With a slender gooseneck arm... More 

Atomic Topless Industrial Guard Sconce



Add some rustic style to your garage, bathroom, or porch with the Atomic Topless Industrial Guard Sconce. Inspired by Mid Century ship wall lights, this... More 

Atomic Topless Double Wire Guard Sconce



With twice the impact of standard jelly jar and glass fixtures, the Atomic Topless Double Wire Guard Sconce makes a serious industrial statement as a... More 

The Starfire Radial Wave Reflector Wall Sconce



One of our funkiest shades is now available as a wall sconce! The Starfire Radial Wave Reflector Wall Sconce brings the relaxed vibe of the seashore... More 

Barn Light Mini Eclipse Wall Sconce



The Mini Eclipse Wall Sconce combines a petite, straight arm mount or mini gooseneck with a traditional barn style shade. This mini task light provides the... More 

The Canal Street SoHo Sconce



Need a touch of light in a tight spot? Check out the Canal Street SoHo Sconce, a rugged industrial fixture that features a 10" shade available in more than... More 

The Old Dixie Wall Sconce



The deep, curved bowl of the Old Dixie takes on a new look as a classic wall sconce. Drawn from original warehouse shade designs of the 1940s, the Old Dixie... More 

The Ashland Wall Sconce



With all the classic styling of an RLM-inspired warehouse shade, the Ashland Sconce offers plenty of light in a compact fixture. Available in three shade... More 

The Wesco Sconce



This modern, deep-bowl shade fixture has a focused beam of light making it ideal for an outdoor deck or entryway light. Available in two shade sizes, the... More 

Period Basics Circa 1910 Wall Sconce

CODE: 12B9270


This circa 1910 Sconce has a historic look that is appealing to many of today's design styles. Consider its use for indoor and outdoor settings, while... More 

Atomic Wire Guard Sconce



Go nautical with our Atomic Wire Guard Sconce! With a flared shade and classic wire guard body, this American made industrial wall light makes a great... More 

Topless Wire Guard Sconce



This American made wire guard sconce will add loads of nautical style to your front porch, garage, or boat house. With more than a dozen finish colors to... More 

The Drake Wall Sconce



A traditional warehouse shade now available in a wall sconce! Consider this fixture for hallways that need a touch of light, for a walk-in closet, or for... More 

Bond Small Sconce

CODE: 134903


The Bond Sconce is a perfect wall lamp for outdoor use. Allow two small sconces to flank your front door, with its larger counterpart, the Large Bond... More 

The Kitty Hawk Wall Sconce

CODE: 12B2501CB


Simplicity at its finest! Hand-worked wrought iron creates a simple yet beautiful backdrop for the Edison style light bulb in this wall... More 

Barn Light Double Warehouse Bathroom Vanity Fixture



  • Heavy Duty & Commercial Grade
  • Multiple Gooseneck Options
  • Multiple Finish Options
  • Made in the U.S.A. (Not an Import)

Wire Guard Sconce



The Wire Guard Sconce has definite nautical influences with its weather-resistant wire cage and glass body plus a heavy duty, industrial wall mount. This... More 

The Lafayette Street SoHo Sconce



The diminutive 5" shade of the Lafayette Street SoHo Pendant in a rugged sconce mounting! This industrial style fixture will add the perfect spot of light... More 

The Monarch 8" Wall Sconce

CODE: 10SBH08/WM24


Looking for a mini wall sconce to add a little pop of light in your dark hallway, bathroom, or front entryway? With its modern styling and sleek flared... More 

Garden City Wall Sconce | Solid Brass

CODE: 118321


The Garden City Wall Sconce has a vintage design but a modern appeal. Found in traditional homes and cottages today, the sconce can be used in bedrooms,... More 

Atomic Streamline Industrial Guard Sconce



This rustic wall sconce combines the nautical flair of a cast guard and glass with a horizontal warehouse half-shade for a classic yet modern wall... More 

The Downtown Minimalist Sconce



Clean and simple retro style has never been so beautiful! The Downtown Minimalist Sconce features a single socket mounted to slender, sloped arm that is... More 

Atomic Topless Double Market Wire Guard Sconce



A truly unique vanity light, this Atomic Double Market Light adds an industrial edge to your bathroom with its wire guards and rustic wall mount. This... More 

Atomic Topless Streamline Wire Guard Sconce



The Atomic Topless Streamline Industrial Wire Guard Sconce features a wire cage and glass body that stands up to harsh weather while exuding art deco style!... More 

Streamline Wire Guard Sconce



The Streamline Wire Guard Sconce combines the filter of a wire cage with a half shade brim to minimize the spread of light. This American made fixture is... More 

The Lovell Plug-In Wall Sconce



Channeling mid century style, the Lovell Plug-In Wall Sconce features a hand spun, cone-shaped shade that swivels 90 degrees and is affixed to a swivel arm... More 

Austin 2-Light Vanity Sconce



  • Heavy Duty & Commercial Grade
  • Multiple Gooseneck Options
  • Multiple Finish Options
  • Made in the U.S.A. (Not an Import)

The Astro Wall Sconce



Love the look of our shallow bowl pendants and goosenecks? Now you can have the same sleek design in a wall sconce! The American-made Astro Wall Sconce... More 

Atomic Topless Double Industrial Guard Sconce



With twice the impact of standard jelly jar and glass fixtures, this Atomic Topless Double Industrial Guard Sconce makes a bold and rustic statement as a... More 

Barn Light Arlington Sconce



  • Heavy Duty & Commercial Grade
  • Multiple Gooseneck Options
  • Multiple Finish Options
  • Made in the U.S.A. (Not an Import)

Austin Gooseneck Double Vanity Light



  • Heavy Duty & Commercial Grade
  • Multiple Gooseneck Options
  • Multiple Finish Options
  • Made in the U.S.A. (Not an Import)

Magnolia Sconce

CODE: 118000-GS4


The Magnolia Sconce is a favorite amongst our customers looking for a classic wall light for their home or office. A decorative paddle switch on the neck... More 

Torrington Sconce

CODE: 118000-MS3


The Torrington Sconce brings together two customer favorites: the Radial Shade Sconce , and the Alston Wall Sconce . An on/off paddle switch allows for it... More 

Lynnwood Wall Sconce

CODE: 111428


The Lynnwood Wall Sconce is a petite version of the Alburndale Swingarm Sconce . An adjustable arm allows for the light to be turned from right to left... More 

The Downtown Minimalist Plug-In Sconce



A custom made light fixture with a convenient wall plug, our Downtown Minimalist Plug-In Sconce offers maximum style with minimum effort. Hang this plug-in... More 

Everson Wall Sconce

CODE: 113121


A simple pulley system allows for the cord on the Everson to be fully adjusted - raising the shade higher or lower depending on your needs. Various shade... More 

Wesco Gooseneck Double Vanity Light



  • Heavy Duty & Commercial Grade
  • Multiple Gooseneck Options
  • Multiple Finish Options
  • Made in the U.S.A. (Not an Import)

Universal Gooseneck Double Vanity Light



  • Heavy Duty & Commercial Grade
  • Multiple Gooseneck Options
  • Multiple Finish Options
  • Made in the U.S.A. (Not an Import)

Hamburg Wall Sconce

CODE: 117301


Identical to vintage Holophane glass pendants, the Hamburg combines traditional elegance with rugged industrial style. The Hamburg is one of our most... More