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Modern Wall Sconces

16" Danielle Sconce, Polished Nickel
Danielle Sconce

CODE: 131881


10" Tabular Square Sconce, Satin Nickel
Tabular Square Sconce

CODE: 133682


The Newark Modern Swing-Arm Sconce, Satin Black, Shown with 40w T8 Carbon Filament Bulb
The Newark Modern Swing-Arm Sconce

CODE: 134540.25


18" Swing Glass Bath Bar, Satin Nickel
Swing Glass 18" Bath Bar

CODE: 133205


5.5" Lasso Sconce, Satin Nickel
Lasso Sconce

CODE: 131821


15" Panel Sconce, Rubbed Bronze
Panel 15" Sconce

CODE: 131870


16" Verge Bath Bar, Satin Nickel
Verge 16" Bath Bar

CODE: 133793


6.5" Round Edge Sconce, Satin Nickel
Round Edge Sconce

CODE: 133671


The Canal Street Soho Sconce, 420-Orange
The Canal Street SoHo Sconce



Small Aztec LED Sconce, Country Rust
The Aztec LED Sconce

CODE: 12BL3721


7" Crystalline Sconce, Polished Chrome
Crystalline Wall Sconce

CODE: 134801


12" Houston Street Soho Sconce, 700-Royal Blue
The Houston Street SoHo Sconce



The Lafayette Street Soho Sconce, 500-Buttery Yellow
The Lafayette Street SoHo Sconce



8" Hebrides ADA Sconce, Satin Nickel
Hebrides 8" ADA Sconce

CODE: 134430


24" Pillar ADA Sconce, Polished Nickel
Pillar ADA Sconce

CODE: 133841


The Chelsea Sconce, Satin Black
The Chelsea Sconce

CODE: 134290