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Calhoun Bath Light

CODE: 112241


Exemplifying some of the sleekest designs within our Vintage Wall Sconces , meet the Calhoun Bath Light. It features a cubic shade and a stylishly arched... More 

Verge 16" Bath Bar

CODE: 133793


Verge 16" Bath Bar 16" Shade Size: W 16" x H 5 1/2" x Ext. 5 1/2" Glass Size: W 14" x H 4" x Dia 3 1/2" Wall Canopy: W 16" x H 5"... More 

Tubular Iron Wall Sconce



Simple elegance in a classic wall sconce, the Tubular Iron Wall Sconce would be a perfect fixture for hallways, right bathroom spaces, or a covered porch.... More 

Pendergrass Wall Sconce

CODE: 112301


The Pendergrass Wall Sconce is a simple, yet chic wall light that was meant to seamlessly blend in with your existing lighting and décor. Perfect for... More 

Fayette Bath Light

CODE: 118901


Wall lamps like the Fayette Bath Light are hard to come by. While categorized with our Vintage Wall Sconces , the Fayette can easily fit into modern,... More 

Thalman Wall Sconce

CODE: 112051


In a modern home or office, simplicity is key. The Thalman Wall Sconce has a clean and contemporary look that is free from ornate details and accessories. A... More 

Tabular Square Sconce

CODE: 133682


Tabular Square Sconce Size: W 10" x H 10" x Ext. 4" Dia Etched Glass: W 10" x H 9 1/2" Wall Canopy: 7" x 5 1/2" Finish: Satin... More 

Pillar ADA Sconce

CODE: 133841


Shade Size: H 24" x Dia 4 1/2" x Ext. 4" Glass Size: H 14" x 3" Dia Wall Canopy: W 4 1/2" x H 6" Finish: Polished Nickel Max Wattage... More 

Berth Nautical Solid Brass Sconce



A sleek sconce with a smaller profile than others, the Berth Nautical Solid Brass Sconce doesn't skimp on nautical style. Available in four traditional... More 

Lasso Sconce

CODE: 131821


Size: W 5 1/2" x H 11" x ext. 6" White Linen Shade Size: W 5 1/2" x H 6 1/2" x Dia 3 1/2" Wall Canopy: 4 1/2" x 5" Finish: Satin Nickel,... More 

Hebrides 8" ADA Sconce

CODE: 134430


Hebrides 8" ADA Sconce Shade Size: W 8" x H 10" x Ext. 4" Glass Size: W 8" x H 7" x Dia 3" Wall Canopy: 16" x 10" Finish: Bronze... More 

The Sophomore 3-Light Clear Schoolhouse Vanity Light



The Sophomore 3-Light Schoolhouse Vanity Light features three clear schoolhouse globes suspended from a rugged wall mount. With a vintage look straight from... More 

The Rugby Clear Schoolhouse Sconce



This charming American made wall sconce features an hand-blown, clear glass globe mounted to slender gooseneck style style wall mount. Consider this early... More 

Round Edge Sconce

CODE: 133671


Size: W 6 1/2" x H 9" x Ext. 4" White Etched Glass: W 6" x H 7 1/2" x Dia 3 1/2" Wall Canopy: 6 1/2" x 9" Finish: Satin Nickel or... More 

The Jupiter Inlet Wall Sconce

CODE: 30OL2200


The Jupiter Inlet Wall Sconce combines sophisticated lines with a little nautical twist. With its frosted glass and burnished bronze or brush steel finish,... More 

Buoy Nautical Solid Brass Sconce



Guide every sailor back to shore with the Buoy Nautical Solid Brass Sconce! A large sconce with plenty of light showing through the cast guard and glass, it... More 

Regatta Solid Brass Nautical Sconce



With only a 7" projection, the Regatta Solid Brass Nautical Sconce is a handsome addition to boat houses, docks, garages and entryways. Choose from four... More 

The Santa Fe Sconce

CODE: 12B3131


The Santa Fe Sconce adds an industrial twist to vintage wall sconce lighting! A metal cord plays out from a hand-worked, iron back plate to support a... More 

Beacon Solid Brass Nautical Sconce



With design elements from the Atomic Era, this solid brass sconce will enhance any front porch, garage, or commercial building with its classic nautical... More 

The Freshman 2-Light Clear Schoolhouse Vanity Light



Bring a bright vintage look to your bath or powder room with the Freshman 2-Light Schoolhouse Vanity Light! With two clear glass schoolhouse globes affixed... More 

Petite Tubular Iron Triple Wall Sconce

CODE: 30VS20003-AF/BS


This classic wall sconce has three times the styling with its three candelabra sockets mounted on a rugged Brushed Steel frame. The Antique Forged Iron... More 

The Bantam Chestnut Wall Sconce



Got a small space but still want loads of style? Check out the Bantam Chestnut Wall Sconce which packs maximum light and style into a mini shade. Perfect... More 

The Historic Bronze Pocket Sconce

CODE: 113301


Have a small space that needs a touch of light? The Historic Bronze Pocket Sconce adds 100 watts of light in a compact fixture that is loaded with... More 

The Bantam Universal Wall Sconce



Looking for a sconce with Mid Century style and a beautiful stacked neck design? Look no further than the Universal Wall Sconce. Hand crafted right here in... More 

The Navigator Up-Down Swing Light

CODE: 113941


A beautifully crafted swing light with a bull-nose shade and adjustable arm, the Navigator Up-Down makes a perfect utilitarian light or reading lamp. This... More 

The Chestnut Wall Sconce



This decorative barn light makes the perfect addition to your vintage porch or hallway lighting. Customize the Chestnut Wall Sconce with one of our vivid... More 

The Jamestown Contemporary Sconce

CODE: 12B3331


A hand-worked wrought iron lantern body surrounds beautiful opal glass to create a traditional wall sconce that complements interior and exterior lighting... More 

The Heirloom Candelabra Sconce

CODE: 12B3420


The striking Heirloom Candelabra Sconce takes its design from 18th-century Colonial fixtures but has modern day convenience like tabs for easy cleaning.... More 

The West End Sconce

CODE: 119901


Intricately crafted with a cast cone shade and compact swivel socket, the West End Sconce makes a beautiful vintage sconce light for restoration homes. The... More 

The Augusta Wall Sconce

CODE: 30OL5300CB


With the classic look of an Arts and Crafts style lamp, the Augusta Wall Sconce brings mission style lighting to all! Perfect for indoor or outdoor use,... More 

The Ellsworth Candelabra Sconce

CODE: 12B2971


Add some elegance to your entryway or foyer with the Ellsworth Candelabra Sconce! Showcasing two candelabra light sockets encased in clear glass and a... More 

The Outer Banks Sconce

CODE: 12B3621


Please note that this fixture is on backorder until May 30th, confirmed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.   The Outer Banks... More 

The Newark Modern Swing-Arm Sconce

CODE: 134540.25


The Newark Modern Swing Arm Sconce adds a modern twist to candelabra-style sconce lighting! The pipe wall mount adds a hint of industrial styling and... More 

The Aztec LED Sconce

CODE: 12BL3721


The Aztec LED Sconce features a corrugated aluminum cover to diffuse light for stylized illumination. Available in three sizes and a country rust finish,... More 

The Rochester Up Light Sconce

CODE: 11660


The stunning Rochester Up Light Sconce features cast metalwork supporting a broad bowl-shaped up light shade in your choice of metal or alabaster. This... More 

The Maverick Wall Sconce

CODE: 114081


This beautifully crafted wall light showcases transitional style with a candelabra base mounted to a star motif. Its white mini shade softly diffuses light... More 

The Classic Dome Sconce

CODE: 11521


A marriage of traditional styles, this early electric sconce combines an exposed socket with a domed shade for soft light diffusion. This elegant wall... More 

The District Sconce



Incorporate the charm of vintage farmhouse lighting with this barn wall sconce! The District Sconce features a sleek, shallow bowl shade that can be... More