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The Downtown Minimalist Copper Double Sconce



Already ubiquitous in nearly every design style, copper works its way into trendy minimalist decors with the Downtown Double Sconce. Providing the... More 

The Sloan Sconce

CODE: 111611


Slightly scaling down the celebrated shape of gooseneck arms, the Sloan adapts this style for interior settings. Although finding inspiration in vintage... More 

The Lovell Copper Plug-In Wall Sconce



The renovation process is typically considered long and laborious. By introducing a line of highly fashionable plug-in lights, we’ve attempted to... More 

The Sullivan Swingarm Adjustable Sconce

CODE: 116231


Equal parts fashion and function, the Sullivan is most notable for its adjustable arm. An ideal source of task lighting, the Sullivan is regularly found... More 

The Downtown Minimalist Brass Adjustable Sconce



In order to produce truly unique and innovative fixtures, we look to many different eras for inspiration. Consolidating these different influences into a... More 

The Manchester Sconce

CODE: 112100


Commonly referred to as a “Picture Light” the Manchester Sconce exhibits a timeless, traditional aesthetic. Showing off its construction, this... More 

The Downtown Minimalist Adjustable Plug-In Sconce



It’s difficult to express your individual sense of style when living in an apartment, rental property, or other area with restrictive guidelines. To... More 

The Downtown Minimalist Brass Adjustable Plug-In Sconce



Of the metals commonly used in interior decorating, brass is perhaps the most versatile. Possessing an innate elegance, simply including brass in your home... More 

The Fargo Copper Wall Sconce



Our Fargo sconce is already a favorite in many homes and businesses. Now showcasing a solid copper shade, we’ve enhanced its natural charms! Largely... More 

The Sullivan Double Adjustable Sconce

CODE: 116232


Defined by its versatility and functional purposes, the Sullivan balances practicality with classic designs. Providing decorative touches to any... More 

The Fargo Brass Wall Sconce



Our Fargo Sconce is one of the smallest options we produce, but it still demonstrates a unique character. Newly constructed from brass, the Fargo becomes a... More 

Atomic Topless Dual Sconce



Putting our own spin on timeless industrial lights, the Atomic Topless Dual Sconce reinterprets a classic look to match modern design sensibilities. This... More