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Lovell Porcelain Plug-In Wall Scone, 750-Cobalt Blue, Arm in 975-Galvanized, SWH-Standard White Cord
The Lovell Porcelain Plug-In Wall Sconce



Downtown Minimalist Sconce, 715-Delphite PTMP, Victorian 25w Edison-Style Bulb
The Downtown Minimalist Sconce



16" District Sconce, 600-Bronze
The District Sconce



12" Chestnut Sconce, 100-Black
The Chestnut Wall Sconce



8" Chestnut Sconce, 975-Galvanized
The Bantam Chestnut Wall Sconce



Small Aztec LED Sconce, Country Rust
The Aztec LED Sconce

CODE: 12BL3721


The Outer Banks Sconce
The Outer Banks Sconce

CODE: 12B3621


The Jamestown Contemporary Sconce, Small
The Jamestown Contemporary Sconce

CODE: 12B3331


The Ellsworth Candelabra Sconce
The Ellsworth Candelabra Sconce

CODE: 12B2971


The Heirloom Mirrored Candelabra Sconce, Tall
The Heirloom Candelabra Sconce

CODE: 12B3420


The Rochester Up Light Sconce, Polished Nickel, Metal Shade
The Rochester Up Light Sconce

CODE: 11660


The Classic Dome Sconce, Aged Brass
The Classic Dome Sconce

CODE: 11521


The West End Sconce, Distressed Bronze
The West End Sconce

CODE: 119901


The Santa Fe Sconce
The Santa Fe Sconce

CODE: 12B3131


The Huntsman Sconce
The Huntsman Sconce

CODE: 12B2882


The Maverick Wall Sconce, Aged Brass, Standard Shade
The Maverick Wall Sconce

CODE: 114081