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The Vision 2 Light Chandelier



Yes, you're seeing double with The Vision double pendant! This nautical inspired, fixed track light combines cast guard and glass bodies with mini flared... More 

Industrial Static Topless Ring Sconce



Soar into the Atomic Age with our Industrial Static Topless Ring Sconce! This vapor-tight wall sconce is made to order and available in a brilliant array of... More 

The Marilyn SoHo Sconce



Take a classic warehouse shade and infuse it with an unequaled finish color, resulting in industrial wall lights unlike anything we've made before. Full of... More 

Atomic Industrial Static Sconce



Crafted with industrial marine lighting in mind, the Atomic Industrial Static Sconce is a vapor proof wall sconce featuring a saucer shade to reflect... More 

The Colby Sconce



Hugging the walls in tight spaces the Colby is a compact fixture, illuminating those areas. Despite its smaller stature and utilitarian purposes, this wall... More 

Atomic Streamline Ring Sconce



Need some mid-century style in your space? Consider the Atomic Streamline Ring Sconce for both indoor and outdoor locations. The wall-hugging profile is... More 

Atomic Topless Streamline Ring Sconce



With a style straight from the Atomic Era, the Atomic Topless Streamline Ring Sconce exudes mid-century style with its customizable glass jelly jar and... More 

Streamline Industrial Ring Sconce



Add some Atomic Age style to your indoor or outdoor spaces with the Streamline Industrial Ring Sconce! This vapor jar wall sconce features a customizable... More 

The Blaylock Machine Age Sconce



Unlike anything we've produced before, our steampunk lighting fixtures are based on the styles developed throughout the Machine Age. As a fashionable wall... More 

The Victoria Machine Age Sconce



Designed for anyone searching for a truly unique centerpiece, the Victoria Machine Age Sconce carries a distinct look. Inspired by trendy steampunk styles,... More 

Atomic Industrial Guard Triple Vanity Light



Affixing three rustic wall lights to a single backing plate, the Atomic Industrial Guard Triple Vanity Light calls back to early century industrial styles... More 

Industrial Guard Double Vanity Light



Made by hand in the United States, the Industrial Guard Double Vanity Light reflects the early 20th century — both in terms of style and... More 

Atomic Topless Industrial Guard Triple Vanity Light



Uniting three rustic lighting fixtures into a single vanity light, the Atomic Topless Industrial Guard Triple Vanity Light casts ample illumination as it... More 

Atomic Industrial Guard Double Vanity Light



Paying homage to the rustic lighting once prominent in turn of the century warehouses and factories, this wall lighting brings those styles to the modern... More 

Atomic Topless Industrial Guard Double Vanity Light



Removing the slight warehouse shade found on the other rustic vanity lights we manufacture, the Atomic Topless has an industrial feel. This pared-down wall... More 

Industrial Guard Triple Vanity Light



Carrying rustic lighting styles into your building's restroom, the Industrial Guard Triple Vanity Light helps establish a unified decor. Three jelly jar... More 

The Getty Copper Dome Shade Sconce



Mainly due to the warmth it naturally exudes, copper has been used in interior design throughout the ages. Exhibiting vintage styles, the Getty now... More 

The Getty Brass Dome Shade Sconce



Representative of our continued commitment to reinvigorating classic fixture designs, we've united industrial lighting styles with the sophisticated charm... More 

The Getty Dome Shade Sconce



Keeping traditional designs in mind, we’re excited to reintroduce the Getty Dome Shade as a wall sconce. Showing off the same vintage profile as the... More 

The Sloan Sconce

CODE: 111611


Slightly scaling down the celebrated shape of gooseneck arms, the Sloan adapts this style for interior settings. Although finding inspiration in vintage... More 

The Bubble Half-Mercury Sconce

CODE: 134780


With a spherical shape and chrome finish, the Bubble Half-Mercury Sconce is intended for anyone wanting a contemporary design aesthetic. Finding inspiration... More 

The Manchester Sconce

CODE: 112100


Commonly referred to as a “Picture Light” the Manchester Sconce exhibits a timeless, traditional aesthetic. Showing off its construction, this... More 

The Sullivan Swingarm Adjustable Sconce

CODE: 116231


Equal parts fashion and function, the Sullivan is most notable for its adjustable arm. An ideal source of task lighting, the Sullivan is regularly found... More 

The Sullivan Double Adjustable Sconce

CODE: 116232


Defined by its versatility and functional purposes, the Sullivan balances practicality with classic designs. Providing decorative touches to any... More