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The Corporation 2 Light Chandelier



Looking for track lighting with some real style? Check out The Corporation chandelier featuring two cord-hung wire guard and glass fixtures fixed to... More 

Washington Bath Bracket | Wall Sconce - Solid Brass

CODE: 11851


This vintage wall light has a ribbed glass encasement that’s surrounded by a solid brass frame. Together these pieces create an Art Deco style wall... More 

The Wilmington Sconce

CODE: 12B3221


This striking wall mount sconce takes its cues from the Colonial Era and features a Ball Jar glass encased in a wire cage for a vintage feel. The shallow... More 

Barn Light Industrial Static Topless Sconce



One of our ersatile rustic wall sconces, the Industrial Static Topless Sconce, has the ability to take on a Mid Century, yet modern appearance. Choose from... More 

Lynnwood Wall Sconce

CODE: 111428


Please note the following backorder dates: Old Bronze with Milk Glass Shade: July 31st, Unconfirmed Satin Nickel with Milk Glass Shade: May... More 

Acworth Bath Light

CODE: 11861


Vintage wall lights like the Acworth Bath Light have existed for decades because of their classic appearance and elegant details. This particular design... More 

Whitemarsh Bath Light

CODE: 115901


While this wall lamp resembles many of our  vintage light fixtures , the Whitemarsh Bath Light has a distinctive design that sets it apart from all... More 

The Pioneer Metal Wall Sconce



The Pioneer Metal Wall Sconce has plenty of rugged detailing and is perfectly suited for the front porch, patio, or high traffic areas in commercial venues.... More 

Nautilus Bulkhead Wall Mount Light Fixture



Due to normally tighter spaces, lighting that mounts flush to the wall or ceiling are a necessity on ships and boats. No matter if that is the case in your... More 

The Chesapeake Bay Mirrored Wall Sconce

CODE: 12B3141


The perfect accent light for a hallway, entry, or closet, the Chesapeake Bay Mirrored Wall Sconce subtly reflects light in several directions thanks to its... More 

The Antebellum Bronzed Wall Sconce



What a genteel way to greet visitors to your door! The Antebellum Bronzed Wall Sconce is rated for wet locations so it's perfect for the porch or front... More 

Panel 15" Sconce

CODE: 131870


Panel 15" Sconce Size: W 6" x H 15" x Ext. 3" Metal Shade Size: W 6" x H 15" x Dia 3/4" Wall Canopy: 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" Finish:... More 

Sidney Wall Sconce

CODE: 11661


If you envision your home as being the picture of romanticism and elegance, the Sidney Wall Sconce should be your first choice for lighting. A vintage style... More 

Garden City Adjustable Sconce | Solid Brass

CODE: 118323


The Garden City Adjustable Sconce is truly a timeless, traditional light fixture. Featuring historic finish options paired with its unique and flexible... More 

Elba Bath Light

CODE: 112501


Easily mistaken as an authentic Victorian sconce, the Elba Bath Light radiates elegance and class in any room. Don’t let the name fool you; the Elba... More 

College Point Swingarm Adjustable Sconce - Solid Brass

CODE: 11772


Beautiful wall lights are often hard to find, but the College Point Swingarm Adjustable Sconce is one of them. Elegant finishes combined with a hi-lo switch... More 

Industrial Metalware Rustic Wall Sconce



Small:   4½"W x 12¼"H x Projection 5¼" Max Wattage: 100W INC Large:   5½"W x 14"H x... More 

Flushing Bath Bracket | Wall Sconce - Solid Brass

CODE: 111261


Available as a single or double wall light, the Flushing Bath Bracket is perfect for those searching for a stylish, minimalist wall sconce . They’re... More 

Anchor Nautical Solid Brass Sconce



This topless solid brass sconce is the perfect, compact light for entryways, porches, garages, or boat houses. Even with its sleek profile, it is loaded... More 

Jonesboro Bath Light

CODE: 114441


As an updated version of the Calhoun Bath Light , the Jonesboro combines a cubic shade with a very contemporary base and mounting plate. This particular... More 

Salem Bath Light

CODE: 115801


This vintage bath light has a more ornate base than most. Packed with intricate and decorative features, our classic finish choices help it to blend... More 

Danielle Sconce

CODE: 131881


Size: W 16" x H 21" x Ext. 4" Metal Shade Size: W 16" x H 8" x Dia 4" Wall Canopy: 8" x 10" Finish: Polished Nickel or Rubbed Bronze... More 

Martinsville Bath Light

CODE: 111841


A decorative ribbed glass shade contributes to a simple, craftsman look found with the Martinsville Bath Light. For those seeking a bathroom vanity lamp... More 

Briarwood Adjustable Sconce - Solid Brass

CODE: 11762


A traditional, understated wall lamp is the best way to describe the Briarwood Adjustable Sconce. A milk glass shade projects light downwards for a soft,... More 

Waynesboro Bath Light

CODE: 113401


Combining traditional styling with an opal glass shade, the Waynesboro Bath Light is ideal for a contemporary Jack and Jill bathroom or glamorous dressing... More 

Swing Glass 18" Bath Bar

CODE: 133205


Swing Glass 18" Bath Bar 18" Shade Size: W 18" x H 7" x Ext. 5" 18" Glass Size: W 16" x H 7" Wall Canopy: W 12" x H 7" Finish:... More 

The Chelsea Sconce

CODE: 134290


Add urban styling to your front entry, hallway, or guest bath with the Chelsea Sconce! Its stylish teardrop bulb hangs on an exposed silk cord and is... More 

Norwood Bath Light

CODE: 113801


A beautiful vintage wall sconce with an upscale, traditional feel is our Norwood Bath Light. The Norwood has a classic look about it that allows for a... More 

Calhoun Bath Light

CODE: 112241


Exemplifying some of the sleekest designs within our Vintage Wall Sconces , meet the Calhoun Bath Light. It features a cubic shade and a stylishly arched... More 

Verge 16" Bath Bar

CODE: 133793


Verge 16" Bath Bar 16" Shade Size: W 16" x H 5 1/2" x Ext. 5 1/2" Glass Size: W 14" x H 4" x Dia 3 1/2" Wall Canopy: W 16" x H 5"... More 

Tubular Iron Wall Sconce



Simple elegance in a classic wall sconce, the Tubular Iron Wall Sconce would be a perfect fixture for hallways, right bathroom spaces, or a covered porch.... More 

Pendergrass Wall Sconce

CODE: 112301


The Pendergrass Wall Sconce is a simple, yet chic wall light that was meant to seamlessly blend in with your existing lighting and décor. Perfect for... More 

Fayette Bath Light

CODE: 118901


Wall lamps like the Fayette Bath Light are hard to come by. While categorized with our Vintage Wall Sconces , the Fayette can easily fit into modern,... More 

Thalman Wall Sconce

CODE: 112051


In a modern home or office, simplicity is key. The Thalman Wall Sconce has a clean and contemporary look that is free from ornate details and accessories. A... More 

Tabular Square Sconce

CODE: 133682


Tabular Square Sconce Size: W 10" x H 10" x Ext. 4" Dia Etched Glass: W 10" x H 9 1/2" Wall Canopy: 7" x 5 1/2" Finish: Satin... More 

Pillar ADA Sconce

CODE: 133841


Shade Size: H 24" x Dia 4 1/2" x Ext. 4" Glass Size: H 14" x 3" Dia Wall Canopy: W 4 1/2" x H 6" Finish: Polished Nickel Max Wattage... More 

Berth Nautical Solid Brass Sconce



A sleek sconce with a smaller profile than others, the Berth Nautical Solid Brass Sconce doesn't skimp on nautical style. Available in four traditional... More 

Lasso Sconce

CODE: 131821


Size: W 5 1/2" x H 11" x ext. 6" White Linen Shade Size: W 5 1/2" x H 6 1/2" x Dia 3 1/2" Wall Canopy: 4 1/2" x 5" Finish: Satin Nickel,... More 

Hebrides 8" ADA Sconce

CODE: 134430


Hebrides 8" ADA Sconce Shade Size: W 8" x H 10" x Ext. 4" Glass Size: W 8" x H 7" x Dia 3" Wall Canopy: 16" x 10" Finish: Bronze... More 

The Sophomore 3-Light Clear Schoolhouse Vanity Light



The Sophomore 3-Light Schoolhouse Vanity Light features three clear schoolhouse globes suspended from a rugged wall mount. With a vintage look straight from... More 

The Rugby Clear Schoolhouse Sconce



This charming American made wall sconce features an hand-blown, clear glass globe mounted to slender gooseneck style style wall mount. Consider this early... More 

Round Edge Sconce

CODE: 133671


Size: W 6 1/2" x H 9" x Ext. 4" White Etched Glass: W 6" x H 7 1/2" x Dia 3 1/2" Wall Canopy: 6 1/2" x 9" Finish: Satin Nickel or... More 

The Jupiter Inlet Wall Sconce

CODE: 30OL2200


The Jupiter Inlet Wall Sconce combines sophisticated lines with a little nautical twist. With its frosted glass and burnished bronze or brush steel finish,... More 

Buoy Nautical Solid Brass Sconce



Guide every sailor back to shore with the Buoy Nautical Solid Brass Sconce! A large sconce with plenty of light showing through the cast guard and glass, it... More 

Regatta Solid Brass Nautical Sconce



With only a 7" projection, the Regatta Solid Brass Nautical Sconce is a handsome addition to boat houses, docks, garages and entryways. Choose from four... More 

The Santa Fe Sconce

CODE: 12B3131


The Santa Fe Sconce adds an industrial twist to vintage wall sconce lighting! A metal cord plays out from a hand-worked, iron back plate to support a... More 

Beacon Solid Brass Nautical Sconce



With design elements from the Atomic Era, this solid brass sconce will enhance any front porch, garage, or commercial building with its classic nautical... More 

The Freshman 2-Light Clear Schoolhouse Vanity Light



Bring a bright vintage look to your bath or powder room with the Freshman 2-Light Schoolhouse Vanity Light! With two clear glass schoolhouse globes affixed... More 

Petite Tubular Iron Triple Wall Sconce

CODE: 30VS20003-AF/BS


This classic wall sconce has three times the styling with its three candelabra sockets mounted on a rugged Brushed Steel frame. The Antique Forged Iron... More 

The Bantam Chestnut Wall Sconce



Got a small space but still want loads of style? Check out the Bantam Chestnut Wall Sconce which packs maximum light and style into a mini shade. Perfect... More