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Single Flushing Bath Bracket | Wall Sconce, Old Bronze Flushing Bath Bracket | Wall Sconce - Solid Brass

CODE: 111261

Tubular Iron Wall Sconce Tubular Iron Wall Sconce


1 Light Jonesboro Bath Light, Polished Chrome Jonesboro Bath Light

CODE: 114441

16" Danielle Sconce, Polished Nickel Danielle Sconce

CODE: 131881

1 Light Martinsville Bath Light, Polished Nickel Martinsville Bath Light

CODE: 111841

1 Light Salem Bath Light, Old Bronze Salem Bath Light

CODE: 115801

6" Briarwood Adjustable Sconce, Historic Bronze Briarwood Adjustable Sconce - Solid Brass

CODE: 11762

8" Chestnut Sconce, 975-Galvanized The Bantam Chestnut Wall Sconce


10" Tabular Square Sconce, Satin Nickel Tabular Square Sconce

CODE: 133682

1 Light Waynesboro Bath Light, Polished Nickel Waynesboro Bath Light

CODE: 113401

The Santa Fe Sconce The Santa Fe Sconce

CODE: 12B3131

18" Swing Glass Bath Bar, Satin Nickel Swing Glass 18" Bath Bar

CODE: 133205

1 Light Norwood Bath Light, Satin Nickel Norwood Bath Light

CODE: 113801

1 Light Calhoun Bath Light, Polished Nickel Calhoun Bath Light

CODE: 112241

The Freshman 2-Light Schoolhouse Vanity Light, 200-White with Triple Black Stripes | Shown with Nostalgic Edison-Style 1910 Era 60 Watt Light Bulbs The Freshman 2-Light Clear Schoolhouse Vanity Light


16" Verge Bath Bar, Satin Nickel Verge 16" Bath Bar

CODE: 133793

The Collegiate 2-Light Schoolhouse Vanity Light, 10" Shade with Single Stripe in 311-Jadite | Mounting in 100-Black | Side View The Collegiate 2-Light Schoolhouse Vanity Light


5" Pendergrass Wall Sconce, Polished Nickel Pendergrass Wall Sconce

CODE: 112301

1 Light Fayette Bath Light, Polished Chrome Fayette Bath Light

CODE: 118901

24" Pillar ADA Sconce, Polished Nickel Pillar ADA Sconce

CODE: 133841

10" Bantam Universal Wall Sconce, 400-Barn Red The Bantam Universal Wall Sconce


1 Light Thalman Wall Sconce, Polished Chrome Thalman Wall Sconce

CODE: 112051

The Graduate 3-Light Schoolhouse Vanity Light, Mounting in 600-Bronze | No Stripe The Graduate 3-Light Schoolhouse Vanity Light


Double Market Industrial Wire Guard Sconce, 100-Black |CLR-Clear Glass Double Market Wire Guard Sconce


5.5" Lasso Sconce, Satin Nickel Lasso Sconce

CODE: 131821

8" Hebrides ADA Sconce, Satin Nickel Hebrides 8" ADA Sconce

CODE: 134430

The Assembly, 311-Jadite | TGG-Heavy Duty Cast Guard, RIB-Ribbed Glass The Assembly 3 Light Chandelier


6.5" Round Edge Sconce, Satin Nickel Round Edge Sconce

CODE: 133671

Atomic Double Market Industrial Guard Sconce, 400-Barn Red | TGG-Heavy Duty Cast Guard, CLR-Clear Glass Atomic Double Market Industrial Guard Sconce


Atomic Streamline Wire Guard Sconce, 600-Bronze, CLR-Clear Glass Atomic Streamline Wire Guard Sconce


The Innovator, 100-Black | TGG-Heavy Duty Cast Guard, CLR-Clear Glass The Innovator 3 Light Chandelier


10" Wesco Vanity Sconce, 100-Black Wesco 2-Light Vanity Sconce


Petite Tubular Iron Triple Wall Sconce Petite Tubular Iron Triple Wall Sconce

CODE: 30VS20003-AF/BS

The Negotiator, 975-Galvanized | CGG-Standard Cast Guard, RIB-Ribbed Glass The Negotiator 2 Light Chandelier


The Historic Bronze Pocket Sconce, Aged Brass The Historic Bronze Pocket Sconce

CODE: 113301

12" Chestnut Sconce, 100-Black The Chestnut Wall Sconce


16" District Sconce, 600-Bronze The District Sconce


1-Light Stetson Sconce The Stetson Sconce

CODE: 12B3841

10" Copper Bowie Sconce, 999-Oil-Rubbed Copper The Bowie Copper Wall Sconce


The Outer Banks Sconce The Outer Banks Sconce

CODE: 12B3621

Small Aztec LED Sconce, Country Rust The Aztec LED Sconce

CODE: 12BL3721

The Vision, 300-Dark Green | TGG-Heavy Duty Cast Guard, RIB-Ribbed Glass The Vision 2 Light Chandelier


The Navigator Up-Down Swing Light, Aged Brass The Navigator Up-Down Swing Light

CODE: 113941

Small Devereux Sconce The Devereux Sconce

CODE: 12B3861

The Newark Modern Swing-Arm Sconce, Satin Black, Shown with 40w T8 Carbon Filament Bulb The Newark Modern Swing-Arm Sconce

CODE: 134540.25

The West End Sconce, Distressed Bronze The West End Sconce

CODE: 119901

The Axle ADA Double Sconce The Axle ADA Double Sconce

CODE: 12B3832

The Huntsman Sconce The Huntsman Sconce

CODE: 12B2882

The Rochester Up Light Sconce, Polished Nickel, Metal Shade The Rochester Up Light Sconce

CODE: 11660

Small Augusta Wall Sconce | Corinthian Bronze The Augusta Wall Sconce

CODE: 30OL5300CB