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Garage Mahal: Jay Leno’s Garage

April 9, 2010 – These days, we all live a hectic lifestyle and it’s hard to stay organized. What’s the last place in the home that gets any attention or cleaned? The garage! DIY Network has created the ultimate design show that transforms everyday, cluttered garages into extraordinary works of art. On this episode of Garage Mahal, designers didn’t have just one, they had a 6-stall, 3 room garage! Who could possibly have that many cars? Why Jay Leno of course!

Jay’s home garage is his secret hidden shame. Hidden inside this massive space are piles of old clothes, countless items of memorabilia, and pieces of broken down, worn furniture. When Garage Mahal is done with their largest build yet, Jay will have a showcase worthy of his car collection!

This may have been Barn Light Electric’s biggest opportunity yet! The lighting chosen for this room had to fit in with the industrial, turn of the century automotive look the design team wanted. Keeping in mind the size of the space and the amount of lighting that would be needed, Barn Light chose to outfit Jay’s garage with a custom made Barn Light Electric creation. Choosing to combine six Deep Bowl Pendants in Powder Coat Rust and attach them to a track. With the ability to then angle each shade in the direction needed, no matter where the cars were parked, each would get a deserving spotlight cast down upon it.


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