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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Creasey Family

January 2010 – Amazingly, ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition is already in its 7th season. Week after week, Ty Pennington and his design crew visit the homes of some of the most deserving families in America. A variety of celebrities join the crew this season including singer/songwriter Jewel and her famous, 9-time World Champion, bull-riding husband, Ty Murray. Both make an appearance this week at the Creaseys!

The Creasey family from Lexington, North Carolina are known in their community for their devotion – to each other, their children, their schools where they both work, and to their community. Three years ago, Tricia, wife and mother of 3, was diagnosed with colon cancer. Since she was first diagnosed, the cancer has spread, making it incurable. Tricia still continues to receive chemotherapy while teaching her 7th grade class – never missing a day. However, now due to their financial circumstances, the Creasey family struggles to keep up home repairs while paying for chemotherapy. The pressure of providing a safe home for their children and fighting cancer has taken a lot out of the Creaseys, but at least one worry is about to be taken care of!

William and Tricia’s oldest daughter, Brittany, was one of the lucky recipients of getting a Barn Light Electric light in her Paris Rooftop themed bedroom. A Black, 15-inch All Weather Gooseneck Farm Light Wall Mount was installed above a grouping of picture frames, providing a highlighted accent wall reminiscent of a romantic Paris evening. The dark fixture blends perfectly with the black spiral staircase housing Brittany’s new collection of high-heeled shoeas. Enjoy your new light, and bedroom Brittany!


Weather Gooseneck Farm Light Wall Mount
Barn Lighting Weather Gooseneck Farm Light Wall Mount


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