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Recreating The Early 1900’s

February 2010 – Barn Light Electric is constantly trying to recreate classic lighting from remnants of the past. Lighting must reflect a vintage-industrial influence yet still have historic charm. While providing the highest level of quality, our American made lighting draws inspiration from light designs originally manufactured in the early to mid 1900’s, recreating a period of innovation and creativity. 

The Second Industrial Revolution saw truly creative lighting designs developed for manufacturing facilities, shops, and factories that focused on maximum performance and simplified elegance.  Representing this movement, the Minimalist Copper Cage Pendant personifies the simplistic beauty of this genre through a single copper socket design and optional cage that surrounds the bulb.  This vintage throwback is reminiscent of many factory ceiling and desk lights that were outfitted with an protective wire cage. Another unique difference is that the socket and canopy is composed of copper instead of brass.  Replacing the flexible conduit and single rubber electrical cord is a cotton twist cord, which provides a stylistic difference to the traditional way in which this light was originally hung.  Adding the finishing touch to this fixture is the ability to use a Nostalgic Edison Bulb with a squirrel cage filament, completing the historic appearance of this pendant (sold seperately).

Similar to the vintage Indy Industrial Pendant, the Minimalist Raw Brass Pendant is just as sleek, simple and modern in design. The slender composition of this early 1900’s pendant allows it to be used alone as a single blub for tight spaces, or in a cluster above larger, more open areas. Adorning the side of each raw brass socket is a fully functional, antique-style paddle key. Extending from the 5-inch ceiling mount is a vintage-inspired, adjustable cotton twist cord in your choice of black or brown - several cord lengths are available. Complete the historical look of this fixture by adding an Edison style light bulb to each (sold separately).

Taking on another very unique look is the Minimalist Polished Brass Cage Pendant. On other early 1900’s fixtures, a cage was originally used to protect the light bulb from damage. Today, our optional polished brass cage serves as a decorative element, reminiscent of years past. The curvy, interlocking wires, add a soft, elegant touch to the piece. The cage can be easily opened and closed to allow for easy access to the bulb. This pendant can also be ordered or hung as a single bulb fixture, giving a room an entirely new look. Our new cotton twist cord comes in your choice of black or brown and can be ordered in several lengths to custom fit your home.


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